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Lifting Columns

Three-Stage Rectangular Medical Column | TL17 - TiMOTION

TiMOTION’s TL17 series electric lifting columns are designed for any height-adjustable workstation applications, such as the medical bed for the healthcare industry. Constructed with an extruded aluminum rectangular appearance, our TL17 lift column provides a high degree of stability. This column makes engineering and design processes easier and the system safer by replacing older style lifting mechanisms that have many moving parts and pinch points. The 3-stage telescopic design provides a greatly reduced retracted height and an increased stroke length.

General Features

  • Max. load: 2,000N (push)

  • Max. dynamic bending moment: 250Nm

  • Max. static bending moment: 500Nm

  • Max. speed at max. load: 11.5mm/s

  • Max. speed at no load: 41mm/s

  • Retracted length: ≥ Stroke/2+150mm

  • IP rating: IPX6

  • Dimension of outer tube: 169.4*121.4mm rectangular

  • Stages: 3-stage

  • Stroke: 250~1200mm

  • Certificate: IEC60601-1, ES60601-1, IEC60601-1-2

  • Output signals: Hall sensors

  • Voltage: 12V DC; 24V DC (PTC)

  • Color: Silver, black

  • Operational temperature range: +5°C~+45°C

Standard Dimension (mm)


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