Electric Actuator Solutions for Lecterns and Podiums

In the realm of presentations and public speaking, the equipment utilized plays a crucial role in delivering a seamless and impactful message. Lecterns and podiums, often the focal point of such settings, have evolved beyond traditional static fixtures. The integration of electric actuation systems in these platforms has ushered in a new era of dynamic and user-friendly presentations.


The integration of electric actuation systems in lecterns and podiums serves as a pivotal upgrade from static fixtures. Traditional lecterns confine speakers to a fixed position, hindering their ability to engage with the audience effectively. With electric actuation, presenters can now adjust the height, angle, and orientation of the lectern or podium, providing a dynamic and adaptable platform for their presentation. This not only enhances the speaker's comfort but also creates a more engaging and interactive experience for the audience.


What Are the Benefits?

  • Dynamic Presentations
  • Enhanced Accessibility
  • Improved Visibility
  • Customized Comfort


TiMOTION stands at the forefront of electric linear actuation, with a rich history spanning over 15 years. This extensive experience has enabled us to develop tailored solutions for lecterns and podiums, designed to meet the specific needs of presenters and speakers. Our total solutions offer a wide array of linear actuators, lifting columns, control boxes, hand controls, foot switches, and accessories, ensuring that every presentation platform is equipped for success. With a commitment to innovation and precision, TiMOTION provides total solutions that elevate presentations to new heights.

Complete Solutions for Lecterns and Podiums

TiMOTION is dedicated to driving this evolution forward through a range of electric linear actuators and lifting columns. These products are designed with a diverse spectrum of force, speed, stroke, size, and style options, enabling the lifting, tilting, or pushing of various types of Lecterns and Podiums.

Heavy Load Lifting Excellence

Thanks to our vertically integrated business model, TiMOTION excels in delivering fully customized lifting columns designed for technical workstations. These columns are engineered to offer robust, stable, and seamless movement, tailored to meet the unique requirements of each application:

  • Force: Up to 200kg
  • Speed: Up to 80mm/s
  • Strokes: Up to 980mm
  • High bending movement
  • Low noise

High Connectivity and Safety

With seamless connectivity, TiMOTION's electric lifting columns and electric linear actuators effortlessly integrate and connect with your lectern and podium systems and provide smooth and quiet movement for your equipment.


Moreover, our anti-collision system allows the electric height-adjustable desk to be stopped in the event of contact with a foreign element (object, person). It provides enhanced safety to your electric height-adjustable desk and prevents user injury or equipment damage. It can be integrated easily into the control system and does not require any additional hardware upgrades.


Find the tailor-made solution for your lectern and podium project by contacting our global team today!

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