Electric Actuator Solutions for Pergolas

Fresh air, gentle breeze, warm sunshine. Pergolas and Sunshading Louvers are the perfect solution for backyard shade, providing a graceful extension to the outdoors, in turn creating a flexible space for dining, entertainment, and relaxation.

With easily adjustable slats, automated pergolas further optimize the convenience and comfort offered by ordinary pergolas. Using one simple command, the angle of the slats can be adjusted according to the weather or the user's preferences, letting in desired sunlight and keeping out the unwanted.

TiMOTION's specifically designed electric linear actuators are an ideal solution for automated pergolas. Compact, quiet, and precise, TiMOTION actuators facilitate control, effectively improving sun and rain protection and giving users the best outdoor experience possible.

Precise and Reliable Movement

It is important to use an actuator with high precision and reliable movement on an automated pergola, as the angle of the slats needs to be accurately adjusted to satisfy the user's distinct needs. With TiMOTION, the user can choose from a variety of stable, low-noise electric linear actuators with efficient and solid operation.

Amazing Weather Resistance

Actuators on automated pergolas must be able to withstand versatile climatic challenges. That is why TiMOTION electric linear actuators have a high IP rating of up to IP66, ensuring that come rain or shine, they will bring out the smoothest, optimal performance.

Low Noise, Low Backlash

TiMOTION electric linear actuators are low noise, low backlash, easy to install, and practically maintenance-free, increasing work efficiency and eliminating unnecessary worries. Whether the automated pergola is for users toiling on a terrace, or simply enjoying free time on a patio, TiMOTION actuators are, without a doubt, the exceptional choice.

Contact our global team today to find the tailor-made solution for your pergolas and sun shading project!

Other Applications

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