Electric Actuator Solutions for Spreaders

As the world population rapidly grows and arable lands alarmingly decline, an intelligent solution is urgently needed to improve food production yield. This is where fertilizer spreaders come in. A fertilizer spreader, also known as a broadcast spreader, ensures proper and balanced distribution of fertilizer to lawns, beds, and fields, which not only increases productivity but also prevents unnecessary compaction of the soil.

Here are three major benefits of using a fertilizer spreader:

  • enhanced accuracy and efficient production
  • sustainable farming and healthier soil
  • removal of dependency on manual labor

TiMOTION electric linear actuators play a significant role in fertilizer spreaders, as our actuators can precisely adjust the fertilizer's dosing and regulate the spread's angle and range. These operations are critical in ensuring the fertilizer is homogeneously distributed in the fields without needless waste, saving both precious time and money.

Precise and Durable Operation

By providing additional nutrients to soil and plants, fertilizers help seeds germinate and mature more quickly than they would otherwise. To ensure fertilizers are spread across the fields in an even and cost-efficient way, spreaders need actuator solutions that are both precise and durable.

TiMOTION electric linear actuators are the obvious choice for this application. With an optional IP rating of IP69K, TiMOTION actuators can withstand the ingress of dust and other solid contaminants and constantly deliver optimal and reliable performances.

Simple Installation, Minimized Maintenance

Spreaders contribute immensely to the improvement of soil structure, as well as the development of crops and plants, both of which are needed all year round. Hence, it is crucial that spreaders can be used with ease and operate smoothly without additional care.

Specializing in tailor-made solutions, TiMOTION offers a variety of customizable options for actuators, flexibly adjusting to the versatile needs of spreaders in different sizes and designs. Simple to incorporate into existing structures and requiring little to no maintenance, TiMOTION actuators take the worry out of installation and long-term upkeep.

Streamlined and Advanced Solutions

More environmentally friendly than traditional hydraulic cylinders, electric linear actuators are an exceptional alternative in the continuous modernization of the agricultural industry. Reducing damage to the environment is not the only advantage of going electric. However, it also opens up new possibilities when it comes to monitoring and control.

TiMOTION actuators have an optional T-Smart version, which has an embedded driver board that allows for enhanced internal functionality without the need for an external control box. This permits TiMOTION actuators to be effortlessly integrated into systems using the vehicle bus SAE J1939, further simplifying the wiring process and facilitating complex control.

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