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Linear Actuators

Window System Actuators | VN1 - TiMOTION

The VN1 series linear actuator was specifically designed for ventilation applications to help remove smoke, heat, and toxic gases from the building quickly in the event of a fire. It was also designed to create a minimum smoke layer in the lower parts of the room. The VN1 is made of high-quality aluminum, suitable for applications like fall-through protection systems and greenhouses. The VN1 is equipped with either a 12V or 24V DC motor. The AC version of the VN1 is equipped with a built-in SMPS which allows the supply of alternating current.

General Features

  • Max. load: 3,500N (push/pull)

  • Max. speed at max. load: 4.2mm/s

  • Max. speed at no load: 10.4mm/s

  • Retracted length: ≥181mm (DC version, w/o T-Smart; depending on chosen options); ≥401mm (AC version; depending on chosen options)

  • IP rating: IP66

  • Stroke: 20~500mm

  • Output signals: Hall sensors

  • Options: Safety nut, window seal mechanism, T-Smart

  • Voltage: 12/24V DC; 100~240V AC (50Hz)

  • Color: Black, grey

  • Operational temperature range: -15°C~ +50°C

  • Operational temperature range at full performance: +5°C~+45°C

Dimensions with DC Voltage (mm)




Dimensions with AC Voltage (mm)


Electric Linear Actuators For Ventilation And Window Systems - VN Series

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