Electric Linear Actuators And Columns For Adjustable Medical Chairs

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Why improve the ergonomics of medical chairs?

Whether used as a simple examination tool or specialized medical equipment, the medical chair is an essential part of healthcare facilities. The treatment table is the first piece of equipment used during a consultation, and it must be perfectly adapted to users' needs.


The needs of users are growing more demanding. As the healthcare system evolves, infrastructure and equipment improve while, at the same time, diseases related to our modern lifestyles develop.


Designing sophisticated and high-quality medical chairs that are ergonomic and easy to use is essential to satisfy both patients and healthcare employees.  


Equipping medical chairs with electric motion systems to make them easily adjustable is a solution. It’s a solution that makes it possible to offer innovative and high-quality services to your customers.



Different medical chairs and their users' expectations

TiMOTION offers complete and customizable solutions for all types of medical chairs:


  • “Classic” consultation or examination chairs, used by general doctors, in ambulatory surgery, or for analysis or treatments requiring a seated posture, such as dialysis or otorhinolaryngology;
  • Specific medical chairs, used for specialized medicine in the treatment of the urinary, genital or reproductive systems, such as urology or gynecology;
  • Paramedical care chairs, used for medical and/or aesthetic practices related to feet or legs, such as podiatry.


The medical environment is often stressful for patients. Therefore, it is vital to provide them with comfortable, reassuring, and ergonomic equipment to prevent additional worry or discomfort.


Moreover, the patients' diversity requires equipment that can adapt to people of all sizes, morphology, and mobility, hence the importance of ergonomics to ensure patient safety and smooth medical practices.


However, the medical chair should not only meet patients' requirements. It must also be designed to meet caregivers' needs, who use it as a daily work tool.


Indeed, healthcare staff must be able to move easily around the patient and have easy access to the parts of the body to be examined for optimal care. The medical chair must also be designed to position the patient in relation to the medical staff's postural care needs. This protects them from fatigue and musculoskeletal disorders, which are harmful to their health and the quality of care provided. 



Why use electric linear actuators and columns to adjust medical chairs? 

Electric actuators and lifting columns offer specific solutions for all types of medical chairs and adjust all elements, independently or synchronously: chair height, backrest, or leg rests.


Their mechanisms, specially designed for medical equipment, are silent, precise, and smooth, making them ideal for safe and patient-friendly adjustments.

TiMOTION medical electric actuators can push up to 12,000 N, making them suitable for adjusting bariatric chairs, requiring substantial loads, and offering the same quality of care to all.


Electric actuators and columns provide precise movement and optimal adjustment of medical chairs, allowing caregivers to adopt an ergonomic and comfortable posture, as well as faster and more efficient quality patient care. This is an undeniable advantage when considering the major challenges faced by medical professionals today.


TiMOTION electric actuators are specially designed to cope with their environment. They can be equipped with an optional extra ingress rating to withstand intensive cleaning with detergents specific to the medical setting.


Moreover, TiMOTION offers easy-to-use command and control, allowing you to benefit from a complete turnkey adjustment solution that is easy to integrate.



A complete solution for the electric adjustment of medical chairs

For height adjustment, TiMOTION proposes the use of one or two TA37 or TA23 electric actuators. The TA36 electric actuator can also be used for a high level of precision, necessary for certain medical procedures.


One or two electric columns can also operate the height adjustment. The TL3 electric column will be ideal in a simple solution since it can push up to 4,000N. In a double-column solution, the TL17 electric column will offer a smooth and jerk-free movement. These devices benefit from a sober aluminum design that integrates discretely into the medical setting.


The TA31 medical electric actuator is well-suited for backrest adjustment. It offers a gentle and quiet movement for a secure and safe fit for the patient. It is also suitable for the adjustment of the leg rest(s). For a smaller space, the TA16 electric actuator is also ideal for adjusting the leg rests. Its spiral gears make it a particularly quiet device.


Electric actuators and columns for medical chairs


Our medical solutions can be completed with a control box that will allow devices’ synchronization and offer memory and programming optionsmaking the equipment adjustment even simpler. Here, we recommend the use of the TC28 or TC21 medical control boxes. They can support up to five motors as well as two hand controls, making them very versatile.

Our systems are easily operable by hand control. TiMOTION offers a wide range of medical hand controls to choose from according to your specific needs. Ergonomic and easy to use, they will allow a simple and quick adjustment of the devices for the healthcare staff and the patients, if necessary.


The TNP6 nurse panel is ideal for complex systems as it has 17 buttons. It benefits from several safety options as well as the CPR emergency functionality for a quick reset in case of emergency.


For medical chairs requiring foot adjustment, the TFS7 or TFS8 foot controls allow easy adjustment without taking hands off the patient. The TFS7 foot switch offers 15 buttons as well as several memory options. The TFS8 foot switch can be used wireless, making it even more convenient to use.


For medical chairs on wheels, it is possible to consider a TBB7 battery that will allow the electric chair to be completely autonomous and to move the patient in complete safety.


Electric actuators and columns for medical chairs


Quality and safety are inseparable prerogatives that we wish to guarantee to our customers. TiMOTION devices are rigorously tested (EMC) and comply with European medical standards (EN IEC 60601-1, EN IEC 60601-1-2), defining the essential safety and performance requirements of applicable electro-medical devices. 


Want to learn more about our electrical motion solutions for medical equipment? Please click here.


If you have any questions or need help with your fitting project, please contact your nearest sales office.

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