TFS5 : An Ergonomic Footswitch for Caregivers

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As TiMOTION recognize the hard work of caregivers in hospitals, our engineer developed the TFS5 foot switch.

It’s a wired or wireless control allowing managing easily medical devices as hospital bed, dental chairs, home care, surgery tables, treatment couches and examination tables. It has medical certifications as   IEC60601-1 and IEC60601-1-2 and an IP54 protection for dust and water.


The wireless TFS5 foot switch is designed to be used with TiMOTION’s control box as TC14, TC21.

Practical, the foot switch adjusts the height of the patient, the headrest, the footrest by pressing the pedal. The programming of 4 buttons is customizable according to the specific needs.  The color of the foot switch can fit with your furniture:  available in grey, white or black.   


This control improves the comfort of users, caregivers in particular. They can easily manage the patient’s position with their foot so they can use their free hands to prepare another thing.

It‘s also offer an optimal, ergonomic position for the workers during the entire day. It’s a perfect way to avoid back pain to reach the handset. It’s beneficial for the health and helpful to reduce the development of TMS, Disorders musculosquelettiques.


With our TFS5, reduce operator fatigue and offer them a better comfort.


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