Electric Actuators for Bariatric Equipment

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A change in lifestyles

Sedentary working conditions, urbanization, and the food industry have considerably changed our lifestyles and led to new diseases such as obesity and other related disorders. This has tripled since 1975 and now represents more than 650 million people with an expected acceleration in the coming years.


Obesity causes many deaths each year and can cause disabling disorders such as musculoskeletal pain and loss of mobility. Individuals that are overweight get sick more often and represent a significant proportion of the hospitalized population. Obesity represents real physical suffering for those affected and raises major challenges for the medical industry.


Rethink equipment to preserve individuals’ comfort and safety

It is becoming essential to rethink larger, stronger, and more reliable medical equipment in order to support heavy patients’ weight and preserve their safety. This also allows the nursing staff to provide an optimal quality of care, avoiding musculoskeletal disorders related to handling or assisting patients onto equipment.


In a society where the difference is often pointed out, preserving obese individuals’ dignity must be a priority. They deserve the same quality of care as any other person and must be able to be cared for easily and with respect. Inappropriate equipment can put the patient in an uncomfortable situation and have a real psychological impact. In a medical environment that can be stressful and worrying, the patient must be able to feel confident and safe.


The proportion of overweight individuals is increasing in many countries around the world. Therefore, it is becoming important to provide a maximum level of comfort in their daily lives through the use of adapted ergonomic equipment, whether in their health path or at home.


Bariatric equipment adapted to obese people’s specific needs

Bariatric equipment concerns three main sectors:

  • Emergency transport equipment: stretcher, wheelchair
  • Medical and hospital equipment: examination/surgery table, medical bed, wheelchair
  • Domestic equipment: home care bed, lift chair, ergonomic sanitary equipment (shower, bathtub) with adjustable seat and/or sliding door, height-adjustable toilet

These devices are specially designed for people with obesity and can be used without causing discomfort. Stronger, they allow carrying people’s weight safely. More mobile, they help people to move more easily, limiting the risk of pain.

Electric actuators make it possible to automate this type of equipment and make them ergonomic and adjustable with simple control, providing all the necessary comfort and safety to users.



Electric Actuators For Bariatric Equipment


TiMOTION’s solution

When it comes to bariatric furniture, we attach great importance to the robustness and reliability of our electric actuators, but also to their compact design to facilitate their integration into the furniture. Our electric systems allow fluid and quiet movement, preserving users’ serenity.


They can also be equipped with sensors for feedback and position memory, making their use more intuitive. They can also have a high IP in option, making them particularly effective in wet areas or in environments with strict hygiene and cleaning conditions such as hospitals. 


Our selection for your medical equipment


TA37 Electric Actuator


  • Ideal for medical bed to adjust the legs
  • 12 000N in push
  • IP66W
  • Hall sensors

TA31QR Electric Actuator


  • Ideal for medical bed to adjust the seat
  • Quick Release function to lower the bed quickly in case of emergency
  • 5  000 N in push
  • Up to IP66W
  • Hall sensors 

TA36 Electric Actuator


  • Ideal to adjust height of medical bed, treatment or surgery table, etc.
  • 10 000 N in push
  • Up to IP66W
  • Hall sensors   

TL17 Electric Column


  • Ideal to adjust medical table’s height
  • 2 000 N in push
  • Hall sensors

TL24 Electric Column


  • Ideal to adjust nurse tables
  • 3 000 N in push
  • Hall sensors

TC21 Control Box


  • Synchronize all the actuators of the equipment
  • Can handle up to 5 devices
  • Up to IP66W

TC12AC Control Box


  • Ideal for patient lift
  • Can handle up to 3 devices
  • IP54
  • Battery alarm
  • Emergency stop button

TMH16 Hand Control


  • Sleek hand control with medical design
  • Can handle up to 5 devices
  • 12 buttons maximum
  • Up to IP66W

TFS5 Footswitch


  • Ideal for hospital beds and home care beds
  • Up to IP66
  • Wireless


Our selection for your ergonomic equipment


TA38M Electric Actuator


  • Ideal for the chair tilt
  • Compact and easily integrable into small furniture
  • 2,000 N in push and 1,500 N in pull

  • IP66
  • Hall sensors

TA43 Electric Actuator


  • Ideal for chair leg rest
  • Small dimensions
  • 4 000 N in push/pull
  • Hall sensors

TA29 Electric Actuator


  • Ideal to adjust lift chair or wheelchair
  • 4 500 N in push
  • Up to IP66W

TL10H Electric Column


  • Quiet, ideal for kitchen worktops
  • 1 200 N in push

TC6 Control Box


  • Synchronize all the actuators of the equipment
  • Can handle up to 5 devices

TBB8 Back-Up Power


  • Battery Type: Lithium
  • Capacity: 1.5Ah
  • Led indication  (for charge / discharge status)

TFH22 Hand Control


  • RF wireless control
  • Can handle up to 3 devices
  • 10 buttons maximum
  • Built-in magnet

TRF2 Wireless receiver


  • 5~7 m max remote distance



At TiMOTION, we believe that each person must have the right equipment to benefit from the same care and deserves the same attention paid to the quality of our products. We design our solutions so that they can be used in a variety of situations. They are tested many times and require little or no maintenance.


To learn more about our products, contact your local sales department!


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