New Ergonomic Footswitch TFS8 for Dental Chairs and Treatment Tables

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TiMOTION has developed a new ergonomic footswitch with 6 buttons to improve user’s comfort in the medical field: the TFS8.


With its 6 buttons, the TFS8 footswitch can manage up to 3 electric linear actuators. It is also available in a wireless option, making it easier to operate for the users.

The TFS8 was designed for dental chairs and treatment tables, but it can also be used for other applications such as spa couches and hospital beds.

With an IP66 rating, this footswitch is easy to clean without water or other contaminants entering the controls.


Check out our complete customized solution for dental chairs:

Combined with the TC21 control box, our footswitch will be able to adjust the position of the dental chair thanks to our electric actuators:

  • TA23 for the backrest
  • TA37 for the chair height adjustment
  • TA29 for the chair tilt

Below are our complete customized solutions for treatment tables:

Our TFS8 can control 3 actuators, controlling the automation of the application:

Its 6 programable buttons, make it possible to adjust the height of the patient, the position of the back and/or legs, as well as the tilt by a simple tap of the foot.

  • TA31 for the backrest
  • TA29 for the leg rest
  • TA37 for the tilt of the device or TL3/TL8 for the height adjustment


We have a range of footswitches with different designs and characteristics:

  • TFS3
    • Maximum available buttons: 2
    • IP rating: Up to IP66
    • Options: Wireless
  • TFS5
    • Maximum available buttons: 4
    • IP rating: Up to IP66
    • Options: Wireless
  • TFS6
    • Maximum available buttons: 10
    • IP rating: Up to IP66
    • Options: Wireless


To get more information about our footswitches or a completely customized solution, contact a member of our sales team.



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