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Stylish Height-Adjustable Desk Control | TDH24P - TiMOTION

A stylish control designed with a wood façade and engineered for height adjustable desks, the TDH24P provides the finest user experience by moving the tabletop with a simple tilt. The readout is a digital (7) seven-segment display visible through the transparent wooden-like toggle switch. This sophisticated control is an excellent choice that accommodates and adorns your office or home environment.

General Features

  • Max. available buttons: 2

  • Color: Case: White, black; Faceplate: Wooden, black

  • Options: Metric or imperial system, Anti-pulling tube

  • Display: 3-digit display shows the height of the desk

  • Operational temperature range: +5°C~+45°C

  • Simple control for height-adjustable desks

  • Mounted to the desk front side

Standard Dimension (mm)


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