Featuring a sleek button layout, TDH11P is a simple yet classic hand control for height adjustable desks. It allows the user to set four preferred heights, and is equipped with a three-digit display. The exceptional design of its interface enhances the user experience. It can work with the Bluetooth adapter-TWD1, controlling the desk height remotely via the “Stand Up Pls” app.

General Features

  • Maximum available buttons: 6

  • With 3-digit display shows the height of the desk

  • Memory functionality (4 settings)

  • Compatible with the TWD1 (Bluetooth adapter)*

  • Mounted to the desk front side

  • Especially designed for adjustable height desk application

  • Unique design

  • Note: With TWD1, it can control the desk height remotely via the “Stand Up Pls” app.

Standard Dimension (mm)


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