Get The Right Posture at Work with TiMOTION!

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What impact can adjustable workstations have on employee health?

Today, more than 80% of employees experience back pain related to poor posture at work. People spend more than three-quarters of the day sitting, leading to the increase of sedentary lifestyles1. Sitting leads to pressure on the lumbar vertebrae and tension in the neck that quickly can become disabling for employees. Fixed worktops are often not adapted to users' height and do not prevent the development of musculoskeletal disorders. Height-adjustable workstations allow users to adopt an ergonomic and comfortable position, adapted to their morphology. 
They also allow users to get up several times during the day and to work standing for short periods of time. The sitting/standing position offers several benefits: 
  • It reduces tension and musculoskeletal disorders. 
  • It allows better brain oxygenation which improves concentration and reactivity2.  
  • It allows better blood circulation, which reduces fatigue.
Height-adjustable worktops reduce the negative impact of sedentary lifestyles on people's health in all sectors, reducing absenteeism and improving motivation. 
Medical equipment (medical carts, laboratory benches, etc.) and industrial workstations (manufacturing tables and various workbenches) can be equipped with columns for height adjustment. 
TiMOTION offers a range of electric columns with smooth and silent movement, ideal for adjusting industrial and medical workstations. 
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