Improving Working Conditions For Workers Using Industrial Electric Linear Actuators

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Did You Know? Electric linear actuators, specifically designed to handle heavy equipment, offer increased safety and comfort to on-site construction workers.


The construction industry is considered high-risk due to the amount of work-related accidents that happen each year. Working conditions are harsh and sometimes even extreme - leading to a higher risk of injury (falling), the danger with tools and machinery use, fatigue, bad weather conditions, challenging working environment, heavy carrying loads, and repetitive movements, to name a few.


Being a working man on a job site is a risky and challenging business. However, it is nonetheless essential to the development of our society and its infrastructure.


So how can we prevent risks and improve working conditions in the construction industry?


Automated construction equipment for increased safety and comfort

Besides the obligation to provide all individuals with the necessary equipment to protect the body, automated industrial equipment reduces fatigue and pain, and improves worker comfort.

Many workplace injuries or extra time-off requests result from musculoskeletal disorders and fatigue related to poor work posture, bearing too much weight, and repetitive movements.

Automated construction equipment makes it possible to limit the drudgery of work by taking over certain tasks and bringing more comfort to individuals.


Industrial electric linear actuators for on-site construction equipment

Industrial electric actuators provide smooth and precise movements for construction equipment while increasing efficiency and safety. Sturdy and robust, they can support heavy loads and cope with the problematic conditions of construction.


Electric actuators are the ideal alternative to pneumatic and hydraulic systems, as they do not present any risk of leaks or any other problem related to pipes or compressors. Moreover, they offer precise stroke control, which is not always the case with other systems.


TiMOTION’s industrial linear electric actuators are designed to operate under challenging or extreme conditions and integrate into all kinds of industrial equipment. They come with various options, such as position sensors or IP69K protection, which provides additional performance and safety level protection from contaminants.


Adjustable and ergonomic industrial equipment

Industrial equipment is often heavy, cumbersome, and difficult to handle. Electric actuators provide easy adjustments, which makes operating equipment less restrictive for users.

For example, they fully equip the cabins of industrial machines with various automatic adjustment options, offering safe and ergonomic handling to users.

They can also adjust out-of-reach elements (traffic signs, off-road vehicles, lighting towers, fog cannons, etc.) remotely for more comfort and safety.


Electric actuators can automate all kinds of handling equipment, allowing heavy loads and repetitive movement handling for intralogistics equipment and automatically guided vehicles.

Integrating electric linear motion technology into industrial and construction equipment provides better ergonomics for users. Actuators protect construction workers from the risk of accidents, musculoskeletal disorders, or fatigue by taking over tedious and repetitive tasks.


Utilizing construction equipment inclusive of motion products to improve on-site working conditions is a unique strategy to provide workers with a higher level of safety and comfort while at the same time having a positive impact on all levels of the company. 


To learn more about our complete industrial electric linear actuator solutions for construction equipment adjustment and safety, see our article or contact our local sales department.

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