Many industrial applications require heavy-duty automation on a large scale — especially for agriculture, construction, mining, ventilation and process control, among others. The technology is out there, and it’s only getting better. Equipment manufacturers are increasingly turning to electric linear actuators as a cost-efficient and reliable alternative to previous industry standards, notably hydraulic and pneumatic motion systems. Our Industrial Motion product line is listed below, as well as additional information about what we offer and the full benefits of linear actuator technology.

The industrial field is vast with possible applications for electric linear actuators that once utilized complicated hydraulic and pneumatic systems. As TiMOTION continues to offer heavy-duty options with a high degree of customization, the industrial world is moving towards a cleaner future. Since TiMOTION’s industrial electrical linear actuator systems are rugged enough to withstand a wide range of temperatures and environmental conditions, they prove themselves to be both dependable and precise throughout their lifetimes. Because TiMOTION is vertically integrated, we are able to offer you both an economic alternative to hydraulics and pneumatics, as well as timely customer service to help complete all of your projects efficiently.


Our customizable linear actuators come with various options and features. These options include feedback sensors for positioning, limit switches, multiple brake options, overcurrent protection, high self-locking forces, manual cranks and overload clutches. We also provide electric lifting columns for industrial workstations and height adjustable work tables. Additionally, many of our electric actuators are able to withstand varying extreme temperature ranges.


We have achieved IP ratings like IP42, IP54, IP66, and IP69K for applications in which dust and liquid ingress protection is necessary. Depending on the chosen model, our electric linear actuators can be compatible with 12, 24, and 36 volt DC and 110, 220 volt AC power sources. TiMOTION has both ball screw and ACME screw technology in our Industrial Motion product line. 

Why Electric Linear Actuators for Industrial Applications?

Traditionally in industry, heavy equipment has been put into motion by way of hydraulics and similar mechanisms. However, technology has taken leaps and bounds, and industrial electric actuators are quickly making their way into both consumer goods and high-powered industrial equipment. An electric linear actuator works by converting an electric motor’s rotational motion into linear motion, giving a machine the ability to move in various directions, and push and pull. In industrial applications, that ability to move is crucial. Here are a few examples of industrial applications that can benefit from heavy-duty electric linear actuators:


Solar Tracking

With the uptick in solar panel technology in recent years, linear actuators are proving to be an excellent way to supply movement for solar tracking. Installed within the solar rack mechanism, TiMOTION actuators will help improve the efficiency of the solar panel system by tilting the panels to follow the orbit of the sun.


Agriculture and Outdoor

Electric linear actuators can withstand the rigors of use in extreme conditions associated with agriculture open field equipment, such as spreaders, harvesters, grain handling equipment, combine harvesters and tractors. On fertilizer spreaders, linear actuators are often used to open and close valves to control the amount of fertilizer grains flowing out of the tank and also to control the position of the rotating discs. On combine harvesters, linear motion can be used in several places to operate levers meant to divert the flow of grain. On spreaders, actuators can be used on the booms to tilt the angle of the nozzles spreading pesticides for example.



Inside pig barns and chicken farms, electric actuators can also be used to operate air inlets meant to control the climate of the pig barn. Linear actuators can open or close inlets to let in the fresh outdoor air and evacuate the hot indoor air. Often, the air inside the barn also contains gases, like ammonia, that the inlets help expel.


Regarding egg production, electric linear actuators can also be used to tilt the trays of eggs inside egg incubators.


Window Automation

Buildings using technology for automated windows can use actuation equipment for better ventilation and easier access. In this case, electric actuators can fit on sky domes, louvre systems, façade windows, access hatches. Natural ventilation operated by actuators can also help cool down buildings at night and thus turn the building into a more energy saving structure. Natural ventilation can also be combined with natural smoke and heat exhaust ventilation systems (NSHEV) and electric actuators can thus be used in case of a fire emergency to help extract dangerous smoke and heat.



Electric linear actuators can help tilt the blades of pergolas by pushing or pulling at a lever. Users can therefore automatically open or close the roof of their pergolas and enjoy the sunshine or protect themselves from inclement weather.


Factory and Industrial

Manufacturing is becoming increasingly automated, and electric linear actuators are an excellent way to ensure power and performance in such equipment as slurry tanks, material handlers (electric tugs or automatic guided vehicles in warehouses), automotive equipment (seating, step rails and control panels, bed bunks inside caravan trailers, RVs and mobile homes) and industrial floor scrubbers and sweepers.


Linear actuators can also be used in special machinery, for example to raise or lower blades to cut carpet rolls.


Professional Cooking Equipment

Professional boilers can use electric actuators to tilt the tanks full of oil when the cooks want to clean their tanks.


In restaurants, actuators can be used to raise or lower transparent covers over pastry plates.


Road Traffic Signs

Usually mounted on vehicles, flashing road traffic signs can be tilted upward or downward by linear motion systems. Because they usually are heavy to operate or in a high position or dangerous place, users find it convenient to operate them from within the vehicle. Furthermore, when the vehicle is driving, users can conveniently automatically lower the signs.


Fitted on salt sprayers, electric linear actuators can also help road traffic agents to open and close the valves releasing the salt grains.



Yacht and boat users look for comfortable places to sail and electric linear actuators can help.  Electric actuators can be used to adjust the height of table pedestals, jet ski lifts or, at the bottom of the hull, side thrusters to help park the yachts in the marina.


TiMOTION Options

The comprehensive TiMOTION Industrial Motion line is listed above and covers a wide range of what a manufacturer might need in order to create the highest quality machine. From the linear actuators with position feedback sensors like potentiometers and hall sensors to gear motors, controls and accessories, TiMOTION carries top-of-the-line options. To learn more about an individual product, click on the links above or contact one of our informed and very helpful sales engineers.



Manufacturers need a trusted business partner to supply the highest quality components, and TiMOTION consistently meets that need for businesses throughout the world. Ours is a highly specialized field and requires close collaboration with each individual customer. Our team understands your unique challenges and has the experience and breadth of knowledge to help you find the right solution. TiMOTION operates under a business model that allows us to give you completely customizable options. As a vertically integrated business, we effectively bring you the most competitive prices in this business under the highest standards of quality, whereas our competitors have limited design and product integration options. Contact a TiMOTION representative and learn how we can help you meet your industrial needs today.

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