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What is an Ingress Protection Rating?

The Ingress Protection (IP) is a protection standard defined by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC 60529). It determines the level of an effective sealing of electrical enclosures against infiltration from outside contaminants (dust, solids, liquids, etc.).



How to read an Ingress Protection Rating?

The IP is composed of two numbers. The first one indicates the degree of protection against solid contaminants. The second one indicates the degree of protection against liquid intrusion.



Protection against solid contaminants

Protection against liquid contaminants


No protection


Solid contaminants > 50 mm

Vertical water drops


Solid contaminants > 12.5 mm

Water drops up to 15° from vertical


Solid contaminants > 2,5 mm

"Raining" water up to 60° from vertical


Solid contaminants > 1 mm

Water splashes from all directions


Dust and microscopic contaminants

Water jets from all directions


All solid contaminants

Strong water jets from all directions



Temporary immersion up to 1 m, max. 30 min.



Prolonged immersion



High-pressure and high-temperature cleaning from all directions


Sometimes a device does not require any special protection against the environment in which it operates. It may be protected against solid contaminants but not necessarily against liquid intrusion and vice versa. In this instance, the number is replaced by X. This should not be confused with 0 (which indicates a zero level of protection in case of exposure to contaminants). A device with an IPX is not to be exposed to these contaminants.


Please note: The highest level of protection against liquid intrusion is IPx8, which allows prolonged immersion of the devices, and whose immersion time is specified by the manufacturer. IP69K is a special industry standard that differs from other protection levels and corresponds to high-pressure washing. Although IP69K is a higher number, it doesn't mean the protection is higher than IP68 (prolonged immersion in water).



Ingress Protection Rating in industrial environments

Industrial equipment often operates in challenging or extreme environments. Whether it’s for agricultural equipment, construction machinery, or other industrial machinery, their electrical components must be able to withstand solid contaminants, water splashes, and intensive cleaning.

IP69K is an industry-standard (DIN 40 050) that has very high requirements to meet the industry requirements. It provides the highest level of protection against solid contaminants (dust and microscopic components) and can withstand all kinds of water splashes, including high-pressure hot water cleaning. These devices must undergo a series of strict tests to prove these levels to attain the IP69K standard.


Industrial equipment with Ingress Protection



Our industrial electric actuators

TiMOTION offers a complete range of electric actuators for the automation of industrial equipment such as tractors, fertilizer spreaders, ventilation traps for agricultural buildings, construction machinery, conveyors, sweepers, and many others. Our products are designed to withstand heavy loads and to cope with the industrial environments’ requirements: dense dust and solid components, high humidity, water projections, cleaning with hot water under high pressure, bad weather, and temperature variations. It is their selected optional IP rating that enables them to achieve this level of performance.






TiMOTION JP4 inline actuator can handle higher load and speed ratings than the JP3

Vérin électrique linéaire TiMOTION MA1

Vérin électrique linéaire TiMOTION MA2

TiMOTION MA5 linear actuator is specifically designed for applications which face harsh working environments

  • 4,500N in push

  • 3,000N in pull

  • 4,500N in push/pull

  • 8,000N in push

  • 4,000N in pull


  • 3,500N in push

  • 2,000N in pull

IP54, IP66, IP66W, IP68 + IP69K


IP54, IP66, IP69K



TiMOTION also offers electric motion solutions for industrial equipment such as pergolas, windows or roof windows, louvers, ventilation systems, industrial machine cabins, etc. With their IP66 rating, our devices are protected against all types of solid contaminants and water splashes, making them very efficient for these specific uses.

All the actuators below must be covered to avoid direct exposure to weather conditions such as rain or sunshine. For example, they should be installed under a pergola roof.






TiMOTION TA2P is a high-powered version of the TA2 linear actuator

TiMOTION's TA23 electric linear actuator works well in medical applications

TiMOTION’s TA38 linear actuator is designed for comfort furniture applications

  • 3,500N in push
  • 2,000N in pull
  • 3,500N in push/pull
  • 10,000N in push
  • 4,000N in pull
  • 2,000N in push
  • 1,500N in pull

IP54, IP66

IP54, IP66, IP66W,

IP54, IP66, IP66W

IP54, IP66


The Ingress Protection rating improves the lifetime of the equipment as well as the safety requirements for users. To ensure this, TiMOTION subjects all its finished products to pre-commercialization tests in strict circumstances that go beyond the actual conditions of use, thus allowing us to be confident in providing quality products.


To find out more about our industrial electric actuators, contact our local sales department!

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