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TiMOTION Actuators for Sweepers and Scrubbers

TiMOTION actuators are a beneficial choice for scrubber and sweeper applications due to their easy installation and adaption to main control systems, providing improved comfort.


Why is sweeping important?

Nowadays, cleaning machines are really important to preserve a healthy and clean atmosphere.

Sweepers and Scrubbers are vital for the following reasons:

• Safety - Soil and debris that accumulate on the floor can become hazardous. Sweeping is an effective way to remove the debris.

• Aesthetics – A clean and tidy area helps maintain a company’s positive image by leaving a pleasant impression for workers or visitors.


The first street sweeper was created in the 19th century, in Manchester to preserve a clean and healthy environment.

Everywhere, in places such as streets, schools, gymnasiums, offices, industrial sites, parking areas, and more, it is necessary to keep areas as clean as possible for the welfare of individuals and communities. Those areas generally have more potential for dirt and debris, so cleaning machines have to be really efficient.

Street sweepers and scrubbers play an important role in maintaining the health and hygiene of individuals by reducing risk factors such as dust, toxins, and diesel pollution, which make them vulnerable to develop diseases. If these pollutants are promptly removed, they will not end up in the air or water runoff.



Explore the many opportunities with electric actuators

The electric movement can make a huge difference in your machinery. By equipping your cleaning machines with electric actuators, you will have better control and less maintenance, leading to an increase in productivity.

With our JP3, JP4, MA5, TA16, or MA2 actuators, you can adjust the height of your machine to enhance the cleaning capacities. Your machine will be able to clean every single place in order to keep the area hygienic.

With our electric actuators, you will provide comfort and safety for the operators. You will also create a positive work atmosphere and maintain the wellness of citizens, workers, and students.


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