5 Ways to Improve your Tiny Home

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One of the trendiest places to call home today is “tiny homes.” With their increase in popularity, it is important to have solutions to maximize each square foot. From petite kitchens to snug bedrooms, each of these spaces needs to be able to function like that of a traditional home.


But how do we make that possible?


Electric linear actuators are changing the way we think of tiny homes. They allow you to use resources when needed and hide them when not. They make sure to capitalize on available space to make it a place you will enjoy calling home.


Here are some of the ways linear actuators can enhance your "tiny home.”

  • Automated Spice Racks

    • In tiny homes, kitchen space is very limited. From smaller appliances to less counter space, it is necessary to find space-saving solutions. Automated spice racks are an excellent way to not take up counter/cabinet space. With electric linear actuator technology, like our TA4, you can lift the spice rack out of the countertop when needed for cooking and put it away when you are done.
  • Automated Hidden Storage

    • The more storage in a tiny home, the better! Having automated storage maximizes spaces you wouldn't even think could be utilized, like under stair storage. With the appropriate actuators installed, you can use our TFH4 handset to open the stairs for storage of bedding, board games, and more!
  • Table Lifts

    • In small spaces, although tables are needed, sometimes they just take up too much room. With table lifts, you can lift them out of the ground when needed and lower them to floor level when they need to be out of sight. Our TL5 is an excellent choice because it is compact and can hold 179 lbs. What is great about this is that if you need an open space for kids to run around, to do an at-home yoga class, and more, you can easily move the table out of the way.
  • Electric Wall Bed

    • Electric wall beds are a must in tiny homes. These beds allow you to lay them down when you are ready for a great night's sleep and place them against the wall when you are up and ready for the new day. Our TA6 and TC14 combo, with the help of the TFH1 handset, is perfect to allow your bed to move up and down with the push of a button. Linear actuators allow you to move your bed without the risk of injury from moving it manually.  
  • TV Lifts

    • We all love our televisions, but sometimes they just get in the way. TV lifts, like the TVL3, are an excellent way to increase space within a room. When in use, you can raise it up, and when done, you can easily put it away with the click of a button. It is also a great way to remove distractions if you have work or other tasks to complete!

No matter where you live, space-saving tricks are essential to keep a space organized and uncluttered. With tiny homes becoming all the craze, it is necessary to maximize each square foot.


For any questions about how we can enhance your tiny home, reach out to your local TiMOTION rep!

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