Ergonomic TFH25 hand control for actuators in comfort furniture

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How could you make your furniture more attractive?  With an advanced system for users?


TiMOTION is always looking to bring innovation to your business. This month, we have developed an ergonomic hand control TFH25, designed for furniture applications.

This new ergonomic hand control allows your customers to adjust the positions of their devices, such as recliners or relaxing beds, and get a comfortable grip. With 8 max buttons available, your customers will be able to adjust their back position, the leg, or the high low of the device for optimal comfort.

It can be connected with all our comfort control boxes. With the incorporated microprocessor, it will be possible to program some positions for easy use of the furniture. In that way, your favorite positions will be recorded. You could also control the backrest or legrest in simultaneous movement.


Our wireless hand control must be used with our TRF receiver which is incorporated into your device. If you want to use your control box which is not built with RF, you can also use the TRF.  



TiMOTION Solution for Relaxing Beds:


TiMOTION Solution for Relaxing Beds


Equip your relaxing beds with easily controllable electric actuators such as TA23 to adjust the backrest and TA42 for leg rest. Connect our actuators to our TC23 control box and our TRF receiver, then operate it with our TFH25 hand control to adjust the positions for optimal comfort.  

You can also add TiMOTION massage motors, TMM, for relaxation. The massage motors are directly connected to the control box, simple and easy to mount.



For more information about our TFH25 or any other features for the furniture market, please do not hesitate to contact our sales team.



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