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3-Stage Lifting Columns For Desks  | TL33KR Series - TiMOTION

TiMOTION’s TL33KR series is a high-value, cost-effective lift column designed specifically for ergonomic desks, work tables, and other height-adjustable systems. Paired with compatible TC series control boxes and TH/TDH series controls, TL33KR series lift columns easily support synchronous movement providing quiet and smooth operation of the work surface. All TiMOTION’s Ergo Motion TC series control boxes are economically designed with standby power options of less than 0.1W to reduce power consumption. Our wide range of columns offers a variety of solutions to satisfy the most challenging project requirements for demanding work environments.  

The TL33KR has a rectangular three-stage telescopic profile, designed with a wide-top, and narrow bottom.

Allgemeine Funktionen

  • Höchstlast: 600 N (Drücken)

  • Maximale Geschwindigkeit bei Volllast: 32mm/s

  • Maximale Geschwindigkeit ohne Last: 45mm/s

  • Minimale eingefahrene Länge: 590 / 560 (M) / 520 (S)mm

  • Abmessungen des Aussenrohrs: 83*53mm rechteckig

  • Stufen: 3-stufig, umgedreht

  • Hub: 650 / 660 (M, S)mm

  • Signalausgaben: Hallsensoren

  • Spannung: 24V DC

  • Farbe: Schwarz, weiß, grau, besondere Farbe

  • Mit Motorgehäuse

Standard-Abmessungen (mm)


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