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Electric Height Adjustable Desk  | TEK01

El armazón de escritorio eléctrico TEK01 es el primer kit ergonómico de la gama TiMOTION TEK. Su elegante diseño y sus características lo convierten en uno de los modelos más populares de la gama. Fabricado en acero robusto, cumple todos los requisitos de un puesto de trabajo ergonómico. Tiene un movimiento suave, rápido y silencioso, además de un sistema anticolisión que lo hace más seguro. Ofrece todas las ventajas de un escritorio de uso sentado-de pie con un consumo de energía en espera de menos de 0,1 W. 


Gracias a su versatilidad, la base de escritorio eléctrica TEK01 es el modelo ideal para diseñar su gama de escritorios ergonómicos. Gracias a su marco ajustable, es compatible con tableros de 1,20 a 2 m. Para crear una solución a medida, ofrecemos nueve estilos diferentes de columnas eléctricas en tres colores, así como varios controles, fáciles de instalar y utilizar. 


El armazón para escritorio eléctrico TEK01 también se puede convertir en un escritorio de esquina o en una mesa de reuniones de tres columnas mediante un kit complementario totalmente compatible con el kit original. 


Por último, su diseño de kit premontado patentado permite un montaje rápido en menos de 5 minutos. ¡Elija el armazón de escritorio eléctrico TEK01 para ajustar sus escritorios de altura variable!

Caracterísiticas Generales

  • Carga máxima: 100~200kg*

  • Velocidad constante: Columna de 3 etapas: hasta 40mm/s*; Columna de 2 etapas: hasta 33mm/s*

  • Tipo de estructura: Armazón clásico de escritorio eléctrico premontado

  • El peso del paquete: 33~40kg*

  • Potencia en standby: <0.1W

  • Nivel de ruido: 39dB

  • Accesorios: Cargador USB (TFA1/TFA3), Sensor anticolisión (TCS1), Cargador inalámbrico (TWC)

  • Múltiples opciones de columnas y de mandos

  • Alta resistencia y estabilidad - Estructura de acero

  • Kit ergonómico premontado - Montaje rápido

  • *Cambia en función de los componentes seleccionados

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Assembly Tutorial - TEK01 Height Adjustable Desk Frame Kits

Ergonomic Height Adjustable Desk Frame Kits - TEK Series

    A height-adjustable desk, also called sit-stand desk, is powered by electric lifting columns that convert your desk into a standing desk. These lifting columns replace the traditional stationary legs of your desk, and the control system will enable the user to adjust the desk's height. Desk movement can either be controlled by the press of a button or, more innovatively, through a Bluetooth app with user-defined memory presets.

    A height-adjustable desk allows individuals to improve their posture and fight against the harmful effects of sedentariness. Electric columns for ergonomic workstations are designed to operate smoothly and silently and enable users to adjust their worktop with a simple command. Whatever the sector or industry, a height-adjustable desk offers many advantages for the health of individuals and the company. Sit-stand desks, industrial workstations, medical equipment, and laboratory benches are all applications that are compatible with our electric height-adjustable desk solutions.


    When choosing a variable height desk, it’s essential to inspect the requirement of your work environment to ensure a seamless and personalized experience.

    1. Begin by assessing the required desk dimension and shape to accommodate your workspace needs effectively. Consider the available area and the desk's adaptability to different settings.
    2. Focus on the lifting load and speed requirements. Evaluate the equipment and items to be placed on the desk, ensuring that the lifting column's capacity aligns with the workload. Matching the lifting speed to your preferences enhances efficiency and convenience during transitions.
    3. Determine the required lifting height to meet your ergonomic preferences and functional requirements. This consideration ensures the desk caters to your unique comfort levels, promoting a conducive and productive work environment.


    By attentively addressing desk dimensions, lifting load and speed, and lifting height, you can confidently choose a height-adjustable desk tailored to elevate your desk applications.


    With a vertically integrated business model, other than various types of desk frame kits, TiMOTION also empowers you to create a truly personalized height-adjustable desk by offering highly customized options to fit various desk applications:

    • Colors
    • Frame dimensions
    • Styles of lifting columns, End Pipe, and Foot
    • Strokes
    • Speed
    • Force
    • Software
    • Hand controls
    • Accessories


    Resetting a height-adjustable desk is a simple yet crucial process, especially after prolonged use, where minor discrepancies in column height may occur. This occasional imbalance can be easily rectified through a reset, which essentially recalibrates the height of each lifting column, restoring the height-adjustable desk to its optimal factory state. Additionally, a reset serves as the initial troubleshooting step. When faced with issues like irregular height adjustments or error codes, a reset often resolves most problems.

    To reset TiMOTION height-adjustable desks, start by clearing the space beneath the tabletop of any items that might impede movement. Hold down both the up and down buttons on the hand control simultaneously. The desk will smoothly descend to its lowest position, completing the reset. For users with specialized controls lacking up and down buttons, refer to the user manual or contact TiMOTION team for specific reset instructions. This straightforward procedure ensures that your height-adjustable desk operates seamlessly, addressing potential issues and maintaining optimal performance.


    TiMOTION's ergonomic desk solutions provide not only smooth height-adjustable movement but also safety considerations for daily use. The t-touch anti-collision system allows the electric height-adjustable desk to be stopped in the event of contact with a foreign element (object, person). It provides enhanced safety to your electric height-adjustable desk and prevents user injury or equipment damage. It can be integrated easily into the control system and requires no additional hardware upgrades.


    The TiMOTION desk hand control series is not a sealed unit; it contains internal electronics. If liquids or moisture enter any openings, it may result in damage to the PCB, rendering the hand control unusable. Therefore, it is recommended to clean your desk hand control using a soft damp cloth and a neutral disinfectant cleaner with a pH value between 6 and 8 if necessary.


    Please avoid the following situations:

    • Allowing moisture to penetrate any openings, as this may cause damage to the PCB inside the desk hand control.
    • Spraying the cleaning agent or disinfectant directly onto the desk panel, as moisture may infiltrate openings, potentially damaging the PCB inside the desk hand control.


    TiMOTION’s height-adjustable desk series is tailored with a focus on user-friendly assembly, ensuring a hassle-free experience for users. With just the tabletop and an electric screwdriver at hand, you can easily follow the step-by-step instructions provided in the assembly manual to complete the setup in a short amount of time.

    This streamlined process not only saves time but also ensures that you can enjoy the benefits of your height-adjustable desk promptly.



    TiMOTION works exclusively with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). Therefore, we do not stock, distribute, or sell any single product. For any questions, replacement, or purchase of an individual component, please contact your specific equipment manufacturer. Components are often covered by their warranty and may be available in stock for single unit distribution.

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