Electric Actuator Solutions for Natural Ventilation

Residential and commercial buildings take up a major percentage of energy consumption. As the earth continues to get increasingly warmer, a smart solution is urgently needed to bring energy consumption down in these everyday spaces. This can be easily achieved with natural ventilation, as the system regulates wind-driven and buoyancy-driven airflow that takes out hot air, and brings in cool air in a simple and efficient manner.


There are several benefits from natural ventilation systems:

  • Higher energy efficiency and sustainability

  • Reduced cost and increased convenience

  • Maximized comfort and improved air quality


With TiMOTION electric linear actuators, natural ventilation systems work even more effectively. Windows in every location of the building can be opened or closed in various degrees simultaneously, depending on the outdoor climate and the indoor temperature, with just one central control. Natural ventilation systems are meant to bring artificial buildings closer to nature, and TiMOTION actuators are the key to that peaceful coexistence.

Elegant and Resilient Design

TiMOTION has electric linear actuators specifically designed for window-opening applications. As an integral part of an automated window, TiMOTION actuators have an elegant exterior and an IP rating up to IP66, excelling both in appearance and in quality. TiMOTION actuators are able to withstand the challenges of rain and sunlight, all the while operating with the utmost grace and precision.

Simple Installation and Incredible Durability

Compact and durable, TiMOTION electric linear actuators can be easily installed on almost any structure, from skydomes to façade windows, from louver systems to access hatches. TiMOTION actuators require little to no intervention; they are capable of operating smoothly and efficiently, maintenance-free.

Intelligent Motion, Facilitated Control

Natural ventilation is greatly enhanced with an intelligent building management system (IBMS), which effortlessly controls the opening and closing of windows all over the building, even at night. TiMOTION actuators can be seamlessly incorporated into existing IBMS, thus allowing facilitated control and smarter motion, bringing comfort to all occupants as well as harmony between indoor and outdoor environments.

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