Electric Actuator Solutions for Comfort Beds

The quality of sleep depends first on the bed base on which we sleep. More and more people are turning to the electric bed base to improve their comfort, and there is a reason for this.

The electric bed base has many benefits for individuals’ health and sleep quality. In general, it allows them to adjust their back and leg positions. Adjusting the backrest or the legs makes it possible to improve the quality of sleep and relieve certain daily discomforts. The adjustable bed base offers a better alignment of the spine, which will alleviate some backaches. The leg adjustment will allow the legs to raise slightly and improve blood circulation. This is a significant comfort asset for overweight people or pregnant women suffering from heavy leg syndrome. The more electric actuators in the bed structure, the more customized adjustment possibilities there are.


Meanwhile, people spend a lot of time in bed - not only sleeping but also recovering, reading, relaxing, or watching TV. Whether it's an ergonomic reading position or simply raising the feet comfortably, optimal comfort is provided by motorized adjustable beds that use electric actuators operated by a hand control or wireless remote.

TiMOTION designs and develops quiet electric motion solutions ideal for a home environment. We offer our customers complete solutions - linear actuators, lifting columns, control systems, and accessories - for easy and safe adjustments of your comfort beds.

Smooth and Quiet Movement

TiMOTION electric linear actuators provide smooth and silent movements, preserving the tranquility of users and their neighbors. Robust, they can support high loads. Thus, the equipment adapts to people of all morphologies and safely operates movements. These products are ideal for home automation manufacturing because they are customizable in different ways:

  • 12 and 24-volt DC

  • Low noise

  • Compact size, allowing easy installation in comfort beds of any size.

  • Direct-cut options.

  • Multiple output signal options

  • Push only function

Powered by a low-voltage DC motor, TiMOTION comfort bed actuators effectively harness its rotational motion, helping the comfort bed move in various ways smoothly (lifting, tilting, pulling, and pushing), removing all strain and significantly reducing the risk of injury during everyday use.

Tailor-made Solutions for Your Needs

TiMOTION partners with bed manufacturers to supply comprehensive motion solutions for a complete adjustable bed solution: linear actuators in various configurations, control boxes, hand controls, and accessories that can enrich the personal experience.

TiMOTION offers a wide range of accessories that can complement your systems. They improve the overall performance of your solutions, making them easier and safer to use, bringing more functionalities to the users, and adding real value to your equipment:

  • Lighting devices

  • Built-in USB ports and induction chargers

  • Massage devices

  • Back-up powers

TiMOTION: Your Partner for Actuation Systems

Today, the demand for comfort beds is increasing. Don't wait any longer and add more value to your product line!

With over 15 years of experience in electric actuator solutions, TiMOTION designs and manufactures complete, customizable, and turnkey comfort bed systems for all types of users, including those with reduced mobility, to use the comfort beds and adopt the best position for their relaxation.

Contact our global team today to find the tailor-made solution for your comfort bed project!

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