1. Technical

1-1. Do you have standard off-the-shelf products?

We have standard options for each of our products; however, every actuator is customized to our customers based on their specific product needs.


1-2. Can you provide controls?

Yes, we have multiple options for controls, power supplies, control boxes, and customizable software. These are just some of the control options we have.


1-3. Are your products UL recognized?

Our products are UL recognized. We ensure our products go through the proper outside testing to receive certification.


1-4. Do you have ISO certifications?

Yes, please click the following links for the related certifications.

  • ISO 9001: Quality Management System (QMS)

  • ISO 13485: QMS specific to medical device's safety and efficacy

  • ISO 14001: Environmental Management Certification


1-5. Are you able to provide position feedback on your products?

Yes, our position feedback options include Hall Effect Sensors and Potentiometer (POT).


1-6. What motor voltage do you offer for your electric linear actuators?

TiMOTION primarily offers electric linear actuators operating in direct current configurations of 12V and 24V. Select models are also available in 36VDC, 48VDC, 110VAC, and 230VAC. Please consult your local sales representative for more details.


1-7. What is the maximum load supported by your linear electric actuators?

Each actuator is unique and can be customized according to your needs. We offer our customers electric linear actuators to support up to 16,000 N in push and pull. However, determining the load supported depends on the application, the design, how our product will be integrated into the project, and other characteristics. TiMOTION designs specific devices for industrial, medical, comfort, and ergonomic applications. Also, other parameters have to be considered, such as speed and stroke. New actuators are in development continuously; see sales for more information.


1-8. What is the maximum speed of your electric linear actuators?

We manufacture electric actuators with different speeds depending on the type of application. However, each of our products' maximum speed depends on the type of motor used and its RPM (rotation per minute), the gear ratio, and the spindle. For more details, do not hesitate to consult our products' technical data sheets on our website.


1-9. Is it possible to program several speeds on the same stroke? Can you program stroke length as well?

It is entirely possible to program several speeds on the same stroke, thanks to the control box. It's also possible to program variable stroke length by using the software. Feedback is required between the electric actuator and the control box to do so. Therefore, it is essential to equip the actuator with position sensors so that the control box can receive the position data from the actuator and adapt its speed accordingly. Thus, all that's required is to set up the control box program and indicate the desired speeds at defined stroke levels. Contact sales for variable stroke length software options.


1-10. What is the maximum stroke of your electric linear actuators?

Each actuator is unique and can be customized according to your needs. Depending on the load, we generally offer electric linear actuators with stroke ranges from 20 mm to 1000 mm. Please contact our sales department if you require a stroke outside of this range.


1-11. Do your linear electric actuators work on autonomous equipment?

Our product can operate on battery power for equipment such as robots or automated guided vehicles (AGVs) without the need to maintain a plug-in connection to a power outlet for definite periods before recharge. Our product's guaranteed proper operation during an outside power interruption provides additional reassurance for specific medical equipment.


1-12. How can you guarantee the positioning of the linear electric actuators in case of equipment shutdown?

To guarantee the electric actuators' positioning, we can provide different sensor options, including Reed and Hall effect sensors, POT, and LS to send a signal. The potentiometer provides feedback even in the event of a power failure.

The Hall effect sensors also allow feedback on the position but require a reset following a power failure. They can also be used with a backup battery, compensating for possible power failures and avoiding resetting.


1-13. Is it necessary to use a control box to operate the equipment?

TiMOTION control boxes mainly allow the programming and synchronization of multiple electric actuators and columns. However, they are not essential to the operation of our electric actuators. Some of our products can operate in a direct cut system; therefore, they will need only a power supply and/or battery.


1-14. Can your linear electric actuators be controlled by existing systems?

Our electric actuators are perfectly adapted to your specific needs and can easily integrate into many different system types. It is therefore entirely possible to incorporate them into existing systems and control them with your own devices.


1-15. How do I synchronize two electric motors?

TiMOTION manufactures control boxes equipped with a microprocessor that allows the programming and synchronization of two actuator motors with the same stroke. For this, feedback is necessary between the electric actuators and the control box. This feedback is provided by different types of position sensors (potentiometer, Hall effect sensors) that will equip the actuators and allow the control box to adapt each motor's speed according to the position for perfect synchronization.


1-16. Are your lifting columns able to handle industrial applications?

TiMOTION's lifting columns can handle certain bending movements and vibrations. Please see sales for more information.


1-17. Are your linear electric actuators resistant to dirt or water?

Our electric devices are specially designed to withstand their environment. However, we offer electric linear actuators with optional Ingress Protection (IP) up to IP68 or IP69K. This makes your electric motion system compatible with particularly harsh environments and resistant to solid or liquid components such as dust, water splashes, cleaning with detergents, or high-pressure cleaning.

2. Ordering & Contact

2-1. What is the MOQ's (Minimum Order Quantity)?

MOQ's vary by product. Please see sales for more information.


2-2. What are your lead times?

Lead times vary by product. Please see sales for more information.


2-3. How much do your products cost? Can you give me an estimate?

Please see sales for more information.


2-4. Who is my nearest sales representative?

Please go to our “contact page” and select your location to find your nearest sales representative. You can also fill our contact form with your details, and we will contact you shortly.


2-5. Where can I find a distributor near me?

TiMOTION sells its products through a network of distributors in several European countries. To find the closest distributor to you, click here.

3. Replacements & Repair

My equipment is out of service. How can I get it repaired or replace the defective electrical device?

TiMOTION works exclusively with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). Therefore, we do not stock, distribute, or sell any single product. For any questions, replacement, or purchase of an individual component, please contact your specific equipment manufacturer. Components are often covered by their warranty and may be available in stock for single unit distribution.

4. Marketing Materials

4-1. Where can I get your catalogs and other documentation?

All of our documentation and catalogs are available on our online download platform. Please indicate the product name and/or the type of documentation you are looking for and select the ones available. Then download the document(s) of interest directly onto your personal computer or device.


4-2. Is it possible to get a 3D model of an actuator?

Yes. Our new 3D generator is live on our website now. To download the file you'd like to have, it's required to fill in certain contact information. The 3D models we provide include actuators and columns (excluding comfort and ergo line products).





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