Electric Actuator Solutions for Office Phone Booths and Office Pods

In the ever-evolving landscape of modern workplaces, the demand for flexible and functional solutions is paramount. This drive for adaptability has led to the integration of electric actuator systems in office phone booths and pods, revolutionizing the way we utilize these spaces.


Why Equip Office Phone Booths and Pods with Electric Actuation Systems

Office phone booths and pods serve as essential spaces for private conversations, concentrated work, and virtual meetings in open office layouts. Traditional stationary or manual adjusting mechanisms for these spaces can be cumbersome and time-consuming. Electric actuator systems offer a seamless and efficient alternative, allowing users to effortlessly transform these spaces to suit their needs. This not only enhances convenience but also optimizes the utilization of valuable office space.


How it Works

Electric actuator solutions for office phone booths and pods encompass a robust motorized system integrated into the structure. This motor is controlled through a user-friendly interface, typically a remote control or a touch panel. Upon activation, the motor engages with precision, smoothly adjusting the height, position, and configuration of the booth or pod. This enables users to tailor the space to their specific requirements, whether for a private call, a focused work session, or a collaborative meeting.


Why Choose TiMOTION

With over 15 years of experience in electric linear actuation, TiMOTION manufactures electric actuation systems specially designed for office desk applications. We offer our customers a high level of customization and complete turnkey solutions that are easy to integrate and use for their specific needs:

  • Height-adjustable desk frame kits: electric lifting columns, framing, and a seamless integrated control system
  • Linear actuators / Lifting columns
  • Control Boxes
  • Hand Controls
  • Accessories

Varied Electric Lifting Column Choices for Office Phone Booth and Office Pods

TiMOTION offers a diverse range of lifting columns, available in various shapes and sizes, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your specific needs. Whether you prefer embedded columns, inline columns, or those with a motor house, and whether you're looking for rectangular, round, or square profiles, we provide options for both 2-stage and 3-stage versions, with the choice of regular or upside-down configurations.


With a vertically integrated business model, TiMOTION can provide highly customized lifting columns with sturdy and smooth movement to satisfy each office phone booth application.

  • Colors
  • Dimensions
  • Styles of lifting columns, End Pipe, and Foot
  • Strokes
  • Speed and force
  • Software

Multiple Control Options

At TiMOTION, we want to provide you with a complete turnkey solution that is easy to use.

We designed 4 Ergo Motion Line styles to choose from: Simple, Classic, Novel, and Touch.

  • Simple: Concise hand control series with a neat size
  • Classic: Fully functioning control series with real-time height display and favorite position memory
  • Novel: Innovative control series with unique design and interface
  • Touch: Intuitive control series with touch control panel

With multiple color options available, our Ergo controls also support

  • Wireless control
  • TWD1 Bluetooth receiver dongle
  • Charging ports for mobile devices
  • Stand Up PLS app: It allows users to adjust the height of the desk, track their sitting/standing time, calorie consumption, memory settings, and individual goals

Ergonomics and More

At TiMOTION, our unwavering dedication to quality and safety is paramount, and we prioritize these principles by providing unparalleled assurance to our valued customers. Our ergonomic desk solutions not only deliver seamless height-adjustable movements but also integrate critical safety considerations for everyday usage.

  • Anti-collision System - t-touch

Our Anti-collision system offers an added layer of security by automatically halting the electric height-adjustable desk if it upon contact with an external object or person. This intelligent feature significantly enhances the safety of your electric height-adjustable desk, effectively preventing potential user injuries or equipment damage.

  • Secure Safety Lock:

The safety lock function is designed to thwart unintentional or accidental adjustments, particularly concerning children. Users must activate the safety lock button before adjusting the desk's height, ensuring that it remains protected against unintended touches.


Find the tailor-made solution for your office desk project by contacting our global team today!

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