Kits diseñados para oficinas de altura regulable

Face-to-Face Adjustable Bench Workstation Solution | BP-TEK22 - TiMOTION

The BP-TEK22 consists of two independent TEK22 ergonomic frame kits that are linked as one module. Acting as a complementary option for open office floorplans, the two height-adjustable frames are connected while facing one another. The BP-TEK22 is a more economical option for a face-to-face desk layout.

Caracterísiticas generales

  • Carga máxima: 120kg (per frame)

  • Velocidad constante: 3-Stage Column: 38mm/s; 2-Stage Column: 31mm/s

  • Tipo de estructura: Face-to-Face Modular Bench Solution

  • El peso del paquete: 33~40kg*

  • Potencia en standby: <0.1W

  • Accesorios: USB Chargers (TFA1/TFA3), Anti-Collision Sensor (TCS1), Wireless Chargers (TWC)

  • Multiple column and control options

  • High strength and stability – Steel construction

  • Pre-assembled frame kit – Significantly reduces installation time

  • *It varies upon the selection of components.



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