TJB10 junction box: an alternative to the control box for an increased protection of indoor furniture

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Recliners, TV lifts, height-adjustable kitchen tables… Each of these is ergonomic, allowing you to improve the daily users’ wellness.


Manufacturers propose these products, become key innovation axis and indispensable for the future.


TiMOTION has a key role to play in proposing innovative, customizable, and qualitative products to answer to modern society.


The novelty of the moment:

Our TJB10 junction box was specially designed for indoor furniture as recliners or TV lifts.

This accessory allows you to set the amperage of the electric actuator or column to control the maximal supported current flowing and avoid shock in the event of a collision. It offers additional security to the system.


It is designed to be used with our TMH5 hand control to manage the maximal amperage that the system will be able to support. In case of collision or overload, the system will shut off immediately.


Designed for a use in a direct-cut system, the TJB10 is an alternative to the control box for an economic anti-collision solution.


Find out one of our complete solution for TV lifts:

In private homes, everybody has a TV.  With TiMOTION, you will enjoy the freedom to adjust when you want the height of your design furniture with a smooth movement.

The TJB10 will allow your customers to control our TL24 column, suitable for TV lift systems. They will be able, by adding the TRF receiver to the TJB10, to adjust the height of the device with our wireless hand control TFH22, available in Radiofrequency control.


It will be possible to remotely adjust their TV lift systems.


For more information about our TJB10 junction box, contact a member of our sales team.



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