How Electric Actuators Improve Marine Vessel Comfort: Exterior Applications

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Dramatic shifts in our global economy have increased international trade shipping via fleets of maritime craft. In contrast, simultaneous drastic lifestyle activity changes have produced a growing demand for recreational marine vessels. This environmental change raises luxury and comfort expectations mixed with technology, which equals the need for better automation within a ship’s interior and exterior.


TiMOTION provides manufacturers with fully customizable and durable turnkey solutions able to withstand marine environments. Electric linear actuators are useful in boats, yachts, and other marine vessels or crafts for practical exterior or cosmetically appealing functional interior applications.


Movement solutions are designed to integrate into any seaworthy vessel easily. Expectations for more comfortable, practical, and luxurious features onboard a ship demand a creative approach to optimize limited spaces.


TiMOTION’s adaptable products are built and tested by ASTM D1654 standards to function under extreme environmental conditions where salt, water, wind, and sun can cause corrosion or premature product failure. Element and cover options protect our actuators in harsh conditions, increase product longevity (lifespan and optimal use), and require no maintenance.


Smooth Sailing with Numerous Electric Linear Actuator Applications


Marine vessels, from exterior doors to windows to ladders, can utilize actuation technology to provide better comfort and ease of use for maritime operators and ship captains. Aside from continuous product improvements for vessel engines, TiMOTION’s electric linear actuators provide many other practical uses.


This exterior ship list includes but is not limited to the following applications:


  • Ship Mast or Radar Arch: With the press of a button, electric linear actuators can automatically lower a ship’s mast or radar arch, quickly collapsing these features so the vessel can easily dock or pass under obstructions. No more manual cranking or physical adjusting!

  • Bathing Platform: Synchronized actuators smoothly raise or lower this aft entry and exit point, transforming the stern into a swimming or rescue platform convenient for safe water access.

  • Bow movement: Actuators provide bow thruster movements, making maneuvering a vessel an easy and smooth operation.

  • Valve Control Systems: Electric actuators are energy-efficient, clean, and quietly regulate valve control systems to efficiently transport vital fluids (ballast or bilge water, fuel, oil, cargo, etc..).

  • Lift Hatch: Hatches can be easily opened and closed by actuators to access the engine compartment or storage areas. The safety lock option creates a secure closure to prevent failure.

  • Cockpit Windshield: Natural air circulation through front windshield vents provides a welcome breeze through a ship’s cockpit while docked or underway. Electric actuators control these vents to securely seal openings and prevent water leakage while at sea or inclement weather.

  • Windows & Skylights: Actuators open or close windows and skylights for proper ventilation.

  • Bimini Top: Actuators can simultaneously raise or lower a boat’s cockpit (bimini) top for shade from the sun, shelter from the rain, or collapse when not in use.



Our Solutions


TiMOTION has actuator series that is appropriate for practical marine vessel use. With various load requirements to meet any specification, our electric linear actuators are rated to withstand extreme environmental conditions.


The MA series-parallel actuators are ideal solutions for durability and higher load requirements. They come with optional Hall sensors, POT, and their IP69K rating makes them suitable for harsh environments.

  • MA1 supports loads up to 4,500N and comes UL73 & UL1500 (ignition proof) recognized. (Additional options: Overload clutch, Electromagnetic crank, or Manual crank function)

  • MA2 supports loads up to 8,000N and comes UL73 & UL1500 (ignition proof) recognized. (Additional options: Manual drive, Reed sensor on the outer tube.)

  • MA5 supports loads up to 3,500N.




The JP series inline actuators are ideal durable solutions designed for compact spaces. They can come with optional Hall sensors, and their IP69K rating makes them suitable for harsh environments.

  • JP3 supports loads up to 2,000N and comes UL73 recognized.

  • JP4 supports loads up to 4,500N and comes UL73 recognized.


The TA2, TA2P, and TA16 series actuators are compact, robust, and ideal for durability and lower load requirements. They can come with optional Reed or Hall sensors, POT, and their IP66D rating makes them capable of performing well in covered outdoor environments. They are also a good fit for engine hatch covers, radar arches, and bathing platforms.

  • TA2 supports loads up to 1,000N.

  • TA2P supports loads up to 3,500N and comes UL73 recognized.

  • TA16 supports loads up to 3,500N and comes with optional IP66 protection.
    This actuator is similar to the TA2 but designed for low-noise applications in compact spaces.

The TA38M actuator features a slim design, small installation size (only 160mm), and low-noise applications. The palm-sized motor is excellent for all kinds of limited space products.

  • TA38M supports loads up to 2,000N. It can come with optional Hall sensors and up to IP66 rating.


Select the Correct Motion Product


How do you choose the right actuator for your application?? At TiMOTION, we make sure that our actuators and lifting columns are ideal for yachts and other marine applications. Saltwater and sun exposure are tough on equipment, so we make sure to test our linear actuators and lifting columns for marine applications to withstand those environmental constraints.


Please contact your local Sales representative for your customized marine vessel motion needs.

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