Height Adjustable Desk Kits

TiMOTION Standing Desk Motor Kit-TEK08 Series

The TEK08 is TiMOTION’s manually operated height adjustable desk option for individuals where power may be limited.
Additionally, this two-leg, manual crank solution is an economical choice to TiMOTION’s electric-powered adjustable frame selection. The TEK08 is aesthetically the same as the TEK05 except for the manual hand crank, which is positioned where a remote-control handset would usually be displayed. 
Benefit of manually operated frame – no power consumption at all, save energy.

General Features

  • Max. load: 80kg*

  • Constant speed: Lifting ratio: 3 or 9mm/turn

  • Frame Type: Manually Operated Desk Frame

  • Weight of package: 29kg*

  • High strength and stability – Steel construction

  • Manually operated by a foldable hand crank which has three material options- wood, metal or plastic.

  • *It varies upon the selection of components.

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