Improve Your Farm's Profitability With Electric Actuators

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Agriculture is facing a significant challenge. By 2050, the agricultural sector will have to provide 70% more food to meet global needs1. Beyond the technical aspect, economic and environmental impact are factors influencing the evolution of agricultural activity.


How to make your farm profitable today


Today, technology and connected objects make it possible to anticipate needs and meet them optimally.  Intelligent farms are organized around these three main steps:


  • Operating data collection through the use of sensors and automatic measurements. 
  • Real-time data analysis.
  • Real-time response through automated processes using electric motion systems.

This three-step management system is enabled to handle operational problems in real-time and to provide immediate response to maintain the farm in the best conditions.

This enables farms to practice precision farming. Better control optimizes resources use and distribution and avoids waste, resulting in higher profitability and reduced environmental impact.


Electric actuators provide a multitude of agricultural application automation:


  • Precise management and distribution of resources through traps automation: seeds, fertilizers, water, animal feed, etc.
  • Automated management and control of air-conditioning and ventilation systems: electric actuators can be used to automate the opening and closing of traps, windows, roof openings, etc.
  • Optimization of agricultural equipment: electric actuators can operate a multitude of movements in a synchronized manner. They can meet different mechanical needs (pushing, pulling, raising, lowering, etc.), making agricultural machinery precise and versatile.

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