Improve Your Farm's Profitability With Electric Actuators

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Improving farm profitability with smarter equipment is possible with electric linear actuators. Being an excellent alternative to hydraulic and pneumatic systems, they allow a high level of control and planning, which is ideal for precision farming.


The business of farming has been in constant evolution over the last few decades. The increase in population and new consumer habits have raised many challenges for farmers, who have had to modernize their machinery and automate their farms to meet the demand.


Today, the stakes are high in order to remain profitable and competitive.  By 2050, agricultural activity will have to provide 70% more food to meet the world's needs. Not only must agricultural workers meet higher-than-ever production requirements, but they must also face economic and environmental constraints while preserving their safety and animal welfare.


Electric linear actuators, the solution for precision agriculture

Agricultural electric linear actuators can meet these challenges. Thanks to intelligent movement and a high level of planning, electric actuators make an essential contribution to the optimization of agricultural processes and enable the practice of precision farming that limits losses and environmental impact.


By operating all kinds of linear movements and orientations in a synchronized manner, electric linear actuators enable the automation of agricultural activity. By taking over repetitive and time-consuming tasks for humans, they optimize agricultural processes and improve the productivity and profitability of farms while reducing human risks.


Thanks to their integrated control box, TiMOTION electric actuators equipped with the T-SMART function can program and synchronize up to 7 devices. This intelligent feature provides a high level of precision and control, ideal for complex agricultural actuation systems requiring real-time monitoring and operation. 


Electric linear actuators: an alternative to hydraulic and pneumatic agricultural systems

TiMOTION industrial electric linear actuators are specifically designed for agricultural activity. They withstand extreme conditions and environments exposed to humidity, mud, and bad weather. Their IP69K protection rating makes them compatible with high-pressure cleaning, which is common in agricultural machinery maintenance. They are robust and have a high load capacity of up to 10,000 N.


Electric agricultural actuators are an excellent alternative to hydraulic and pneumatic systems. Compact and maintenance-free, they require no intervention for installation or maintenance. They are easy to install and operate since they have no hose or compressor. There is no risk of leakage or other inconveniences.


They can be equipped with position sensors to provide feedback and synchronize two devices. Compatible with most control systems, they can be easily integrated into any agricultural equipment.


Electric linear actuators for smart farms

Electric actuator systems are an essential part of farm modernization. They can be found in farm machinery such as balers, combines, seeders, sprayers, fertilizer spreaders, tractors, and other machinery,   as well as in farm buildings. Click here to discover all our electric actuator solutions for automated agricultural machinery.


Thanks to their numerous control and planning options, electric linear actuators allow the automation of management and operations of the farm, such as the precise dosing of feed or fertilizer, the actuation of livestock or grain traps, and the control of opening ventilation systems.


Electric actuators keep farm buildings in optimal condition and preserve the well-being of the animals and food quality. At the same time, by precisely controlling the dosage of products, they limit losses and optimize profitability.


electric actuator for farm


Smart farms with electric actuators are becoming increasingly popular in the agricultural sector. By planning and automating certain repetitive and time-consuming tasks, farmers can gain speed and convenience. This allows them to improve the overall productivity of their operation and meet the demands of their business.



Would you like to know more about our electric actuator solutions for optimizing business and farming operations? Contact our local sales department and let us help you with your project!


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