TA19: Enjoy A Comfortable Workplace with Our Low Noise Electric Linear Actuator

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TiMOTION provides electric actuators to meet your specific requirements for different applications.

The TA19 can be used in ergonomic workstations as height-adjustable work tables or industrial applications as electric window openers.


TiMOTION’s TA19 series is a quiet and telescopic style linear actuator. It’s reduced installation dimensions and a short retracted length saves space and makes installation discreet.


In order to offer comfort, flexibility, and enhanced ergonomic performance in the workplace, we have developed the TA19 electric actuator, adaptable with our dedicated TL columns. Making these improvements has a beneficial impact on health, reduces the development of musculoskeletal disorders.


The TA19 also improves comfort indoors. It improves the ventilation in the building and permits easy control of the humidity and temperature, rain or shine. With the TA19 actuator, windows will open or close automatically whenever necessary. 


TiMOTION strives to provide customers with high quality, innovative products. The TA19 can support 1,000N in the push and can also be equipped with hall sensors.


Hall sensors provide accuracy, synchronization, and position feedback. In height-adjustable workstations, they allow users the ability to choose and record the most commonly used positions. For window ventilation, users can program the window to automatically open or close depending on the weather. 


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