Inline Lifting Column Series: TL20S, TL20SR, TL6

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Nowadays, ergonomic is more and more common in architectural and product designs. Recliners, TV Lifts, Sit-Stand Desks, Height Adjustable Kitchen Systems, Medical Carts … are all innovative ergonomic products that surround our everyday lives and are becoming indispensable to help improve user’s wellness. With this concept in mind, TiMOTION continues to develop and improve our product to meet these increasing needs.


Our TA20 is a 3-stage inline actuator that combines long stroke length with minimal installation dimension. This actuator is suitable for various customized lifting columns in height adjustable furniture applications that require a slim and neat structure.


It is integrated into some of our most popular lifting columns such as the TL20S, TL20SR, or TL6.

TiMOTION manufactures versatile telescopic lifting columns able to vertically lift high loads while retaining a quiet and smooth high degree of stability, catering to the industrial, medical and ergonomic market. 


In hospitality facilities

Monitor and TV Screen Lifts can be found in Hotels and Resorts, they help the living space look classy, clean, and uncluttered and keeps children and appliances (TV, Monitor) safe when not in use.


In healthcare facilities

Adjustable Cart, also called Point of Care or Medical Cart to help our caregivers attend to patients in a comfortable and safe environment. They are an excellent resource for multiple areas in the medical field, from dentist and doctor’s offices to hospital rooms.


In the workplace or school 

More and more companies and schools encourage the use of Height Adjustable Desks due to the health benefits such as weight loss, higher productivity, reduce rate of diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and early mortality, more energy, better mood, and less back pain. Users who alternate between a sitting and standing position will have more energy, experience reduced fatigue levels, and reduce their risk of injury caused by working in one body position too long. Height Adjustable desks allow multiple users to quickly move the work surface to meet their individual needs.


At home

For those who want an innovative and functional kitchen, inline lifting columns can be used in the design of the home’s core area for storage units or worktops.


TiMOTION is vertically integrated, which means we have the capabilities to produce fully customized products that meet only the strictest quality standards compared with other manufacturers that produce standard, non-customizable options.


Features on our new Inline Column Series:

  • Increased Maximum load: 60 kg

  • Faster speed at full load: 35mm/s

  • Faster speed without load: 46mm/s


We can provide a complete system using our columns, control boxes, and handsets for multiple height-adjustable configurations. Some of our control boxes are:

  • Single leg system or pedestal TC11 or TC11P for a load up to 60 kg (used in lecterns, café tables, and medical cart)

  • 2 leg system TC15P or TC15S for a load up to 120 kgs (used in office and school desks)

  • 3 leg system TC16 or TC16P for a load 120 kgs up to 180 kgs (used in L-shaped desk or kitchen work surface)


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