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For thousands of years, humans have enjoyed the companionship of having a pet. From dogs to cats and everything in between, pets have been there for us. Since the 19th century, having a dog, cat, or other pets has become a companion rather than the original need for help with agriculture and herding livestock.

Today, most households have at least one pet, and they have truly become a member of the family.  Because of that, we want to make sure they have high-quality care and treatment options just like we do.


Create a soothing setting

Since pets experience greater senses than humans, they are much more sensitive to their environment and the changes that occur within them. Smells, noises, and any unfamiliar change can cause stress and worry to an animal, so it is essential to create a relaxing environment, especially when they are visiting a veterinarian. The way that equipment is laid out in a veterinarian's office is essential to create a relaxing environment and can affect how a pet reacts to the surroundings.  


The importance of an ergonomic examination table

The examination table is the veterinarian’s first tool. It welcomes and supports animals from the beginning to the end of their consultation. Because of this, its ergonomics and reliability are important, and electric systems can improve it.


Electric actuators and columns create ergonomic and versatile tables that adjust to the veterinarian’s height. Being able to adjust the height of the examination table, a veterinarian can examine any animal, no matter its size, without discomfort.


With height-adjustable examination tables, the veterinarian avoids musculoskeletal disorders and can prevent harm to both himself and the animal being examined. This allows him to provide high-quality care and the ability to focus on the animal, rather than poor posture from faulty equipment.


Electric linear actuators allow you to customize an examination table to your needs, no matter if it is a simple system or a complex one.


The movement of these examination tables has the ability to go very low and raise significantly high. Lowering the system, veterinarians are able to easily get a heavier or sick animal on the examination table. Raising the system, a veterinarian can preserve the comfort for both themselves and the animal being examined. This system guarantees that a veterinarian will never have to carry a heavy animal and have the potential of injuring themselves or the animal.


Our products allow simple and quick equipment handling with smooth adjustments. Fluid, smooth and quiet movements are important to avoid worrying the animal and preserve its comfort.


TiMOTION electric linear actuators for veterinary tables 

TiMOTION offers solid and reliable solutions for veterinary tables that will support the weight of both the equipment and the animal. Our TA16 and TA29 electric actuators are particularly suitable for tilting functions. Compact and quiet, they integrate easily with equipment and ensure an animal will stay calm by avoiding disturbing noises.


Our TA37 and TA23 are specially manufactured for treatment tables and ideal for scissor lifts and are made to be paired with our control boxes. Furthermore, our control boxes can be fixed to the TA23.


Thanks to the TRF2 radio frequency receiver, the TFS6 footswitch uses wireless technology that is easily installed and simple to use by the operator. Without the additional cables, you remove the risks of users tripping or wires getting stuck in the mechanisms.

With wireless handsfree technology, a veterinarian can perform a procedure or hold an animal while still being able to adjust the examination table with ease.


TiMOTION electric linear actuators for veterinary tables 


Quiet and with high vertical movement stability, our TL3 column is also suitable for the table’s lifting functions.


The optional IP protection makes our equipment suitable for the veterinary environment. It prevents a device from being clogged by pet hair, dust, and dirt, and bodily fluids, while also being easy to clean according to necessary hygiene standards.  


TiMOTION electric linear actuators for veterinary tables 


Electric actuators and columns have enhanced the environments of health professionals, including veterinarians. These tools ensure the availability of ergonomic equipment and adaptable environments to enhance comfort for both the professional and animal being treated.


Thanks to their compact design and high level of customization, TiMOTION’s electric actuators, and columns are suitable for any type of equipment made for animal healthcare, such as examination tables, surgery tables, weighing tables, grooming tables, and more.


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