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Who doesn't dream of traveling more? Whether going on vacation with family and friends or living on the road, recreational vehicles are the ideal way to enjoy the comfort of home while traveling.

Automation is popular for various RV functions, and actuators play a big part in offering smoother, safer, and more comfortable excursions. Electric actuators can be used in several parts of the vehicle to make a small space feel just like home.


Cabin Furniture

Reclining chairs remain ever-so-popular in helping a user relax while on vacation. The TA16 enables the simultaneous adjustment of backrest inclination and leg rest movement, providing synchronized motion with a single motor. It is a very versatile quiet electric actuator that can be equipped with an optional Hall sensor. The TA16 can be paired with the TC14 control powering up to 4 actuators; and TFH30 hand control, which has a sleek brushed aluminum design and an integrated USB port that allows users to charge their smartphone or other devices easily.


Storage in a restricted space is crucial for comfort. Storage shelves can be hidden near the roof or under the floor and be easily accessed with just a push/press of a foot or hand control. The TA16 can assist in putting spice racks away, which will allow for more cooking and counter space.


Retractable beds, height-adjustable tables, or TV lifts can all be lifted or lowered as needed with the simple press of a button. Check out our lifting columns, just like the TL17, which has great stability and a higher stroke with a reduced retracted length.

TiMOTION in RV Tech - Cabin



Vehicle Accessories

Space is always limited in a recreational vehicle, so the last thing you want to do is to have to use multiple extension cords to plug in all your devices. We have a solution for you! Electric and USB charger ports can be installed for all your electronic and electrical device charging needs. 


Our TFA1 charging port is a great option to charge any device that uses a USB cable, and the TWC series is specifically designed for mobile device wireless charging when paired with our controls. 



Vehicle Exterior 

TiMOTION in RV Tech - Outside


One of the standard features of electric linear actuators is to deploy retractable awnings easily to protect against the weather. This feature also significantly lowers the risk of the user getting hurt by manually climbing, reaching, or stretching to deploy the awning.

Actuators can also be installed on the rear door panels to operate a platform lift or foldout ramp. This allows for convenient loading of heavy or bulky equipment like a motorbike, scooter, or wheelchair.

These can be achieved using our TA2 and TA2P actuators meeting an IP66 rating, meaning they can withstand rain and dust, thus making them perfect for outdoor use.


Actuator automation for recreational vehicles makes it possible to increase space with electric slide-outs while providing more comfort and convenience when stopping at a destination. More importantly, this helps decrease how much time and effort it usually takes to get everything set up upon arrival at the desired location.

Our MA1 actuator is ideal for slide-outs as it can support heavy loads with a maximum capacity of up to 4500N and is particularly suitable for outdoor environments. It has an IP69K rating; it can cope with harsh weather and can withstand cleaning by high-pressure water jets.


TiMOTION offers a complete solution with an electric linear actuator, control box, and hand control – all are is easy to install and use, which allows for precise and safe movements.


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