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Having the right height with TiMOTION


Ergonomics are our priority

We focus on ergonomic to make life easier for employees and employers. Optimal working areas shorten the working procedures for employees and optimize the work processes.


Medical environment

Ergonomics are essential in every aspect of our lives. You mainly hear this word when it comes to working in an office environment, but it is also associated with the medical field.

Hospitals provide many opportunities for ergonomic equipment in order to avoid stressors that can manifest into injuries or repetitive stress disorders. Major ergonomic issues in hospital settings include patient handling and awkward postures.

Lifting columns can help users avoid back pain and monotonous postures, as well as improve productivity. With our TL24, adjust the right equipment and the height for a comfortable environment.

TiMOTION provides a strong, reliable TL24 lifting column, designed for medical applications such as nurse tables, screens, and optical machines.


TL24 lifting column for nurse tables


Facing a growing population and several pathologies (obesity, stress, back pain), the medical sector needs to adapt to modern society and add ergonomics to their nurse tables. Caregivers can work in better conditions and be more efficient in their daily tasks.

Adding this TiMOTION column to the nurse tables provide advantages such as:

  • Correct work position
  • Better productivity
  • Adjusts to the needs of each user

TL24 lifting column for screens


Everywhere you are, in a hospital or a nursing home, you can find a TV. Hospitals are looking to implement more interactive screens and displays to create a comfortable environment for patients and caregivers.


Adding a TiMOTION solution to a TV will create a quiet and smooth movement and provide you advantages as:

  • Adjustable height
  • Low- noise
  • Easy to install
  • Compact, save space

Industrial environment

Ergonomics is also important in industrial sectors such as kitchens. In the past, height adjustment in furniture was exclusively for office desks. But other workplaces – as well as residential homes – can benefit from improved ergonomics too.


Have you ever seen a modern kitchen?



If there’s one room in the house that could benefit the most from electric columns, it would be the kitchen. Using this advanced technology, you will adjust the height of the workshops and offer to a family the possibility to choose the size in function of their needs.

You will offer better comfort, flexibility and prevent injuries.


To move towards the future, it is extremely important that equipment adapts to changing economic, demographic, and epidemiological realities. 


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