The TEKaiir: Elevating Productivity with a Lightweight Height-Adjustable Desk Kit

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Presenting the TEKaiir desk kit – TiMOTION's latest ergonomic solution. This lightweight desk kit is perfect for sit-stand desk setups, offering convenience and functionality for both office and home use. With a unique dual motor frame, it inherits TiMOTION's renowned TEK series qualities, including reliability, safety, ease of assembly, quiet operation, and sustainability.



Effortless Assembly for Quick Setup

The TEKaiir desk kit's lightweight design revolutionizes the assembly process. Less is more with the TEKaiir, discarding unnecessary features to focus on the essentials of a height-adjustable desk. This innovative design ensures that users can effortlessly transport and assemble the desk without compromising strength.

With the TEKaiir desk kit, installation is a breeze. The pre-assembled key components and cables eliminate the need for complicated setups, saving users valuable time and frustration. In just a few steps, your TEKaiir desk kit is ready for use, allowing work without delays.



Impressive Performance and Features

With a 100kg load capacity, the TEKaiir desk kit offers impressive performance and features while maintaining stability and safety. Its lightweight dual-motor system enables smooth and efficient height adjustment. The speed of the desk kit varies based on column configuration – 31mm/s* for the 2-Stage Column and 38mm/s* for the 3-Stage Column.

In addition to its performance, the TEKaiir desk kit is designed with practicality in mind. The standby power usage of less than 0.1W makes it energy-efficient, contributing to sustainability efforts in the workplace.



Enhanced with Accessories:

Customize the TEKaiir with accessories to meet diverse user needs. USB chargers (TFA1/TFA3) allow convenient device charging, while the Anti-Collision Sensor (TCS1) enhances safety by detecting obstructions. The Wireless Charger (TWC) offers clutter-free device charging, eliminating the need for unnecessary cables.

A Future of Productivity and Wellness

The TEKaiir desk kit is a breakthrough in ergonomic office furniture. Its lightweight design and effortless assembly process set a new standard for convenience and ease of use. Whether in a traditional office or at home, TEKaiir offers a reliable solution for a healthier and more productive work environment. With exceptional features and attention to detail, the TEKaiir desk kit redefines workspaces, ushering in a future of productivity and wellness.


Upgrade your workspace today with the TEKaiir and embrace a future of enhanced productivity and wellness.


*Please note that the constant speed may vary depending on the selection of components.


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