TA37 : Exam Table Automation and Other Healthcare Applications

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The newest electric linear actuator to be developed by TiMOTION meets practitioners’ requirements and improves the future of healthcare.


The TA37 is an actuator with high speed and high performance that can be used in various exam tables such as massage tables, therapy tables, osteopathy tables, and dental chairs.


The actuator features high-speed operation of 8mm per second at an 8000 Newton load, IP66W rating, and a low noise level below 54 decibels. The TA37 can be customized to fit various speed, stroke lengths, and dimension requirements.


TiMOTION delivers a complete solution that was designed with safety in mind. Our washable actuator system helps hospitals meet strict hygiene standards; the safety nut, integrated into the actuator, allows additional security in case of failure.


The actuator can be equipped with hall sensors for positional feedback. This optional feature allows the actuator to memorize and recall positions.  These features offer customers more efficiency, better performance, and highly reliable movement in a variety of healthcare applications.


Our electric hand controls provide a complete solution and improve user benefits.


Our Complete Solution:

The TA37 actuator, designed for the healthcare market, is compatible with all of our 60601 listed control boxes and controls, giving manufacturers a wide range of options.


For example, the actuator can be easily connected to our TC21 control box and intuitive control TFS5.


The remote control TFS5 allows users to automate the movement of the massage table. The four buttons system can adjust the headrest, footrest, and height of the patient, all of which can be programmed according to individual needs.


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