TA31: Enhanced safety, Optimized Comfort

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The TA31 is a simplified version of our medical grade linear actuators. The TA31's simplicity provides an economical, yet high quality, option for medical applications such as beds, chairs, or home care options.


The TA31 actuator, which can support up to 6000 Newton’s, is designed to control backrests and leg rests.


Designed with the importance of safety in mind, our products have push only and safety nut functionalities.  The push only option prevents blocking and crushing of foreign objects or body parts when lowering the medical device. The safety nut which can be integrated in the linear actuator, allows additional security in case of failure. By completely blocking the device, it maintains patient security.


TiMOTION provides high quality products in compliance with medical standards to improve the level of comfort for hospitalized patients.


The TA31 offers IP66W protection and can withstand pressure from water jets used to meet hospitals rigorous hygiene standards.

With a TC21 control box, TH12 handset, you can manage up to 5 actuators for optimal comfort and practical positioning in the medical bed. These features allow patients easy control of the leg rest, back rest and height.


All of these functions allow the nursing staff to provide complete care for their patient, ensuring security and an optimal working comfort.


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