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Our lifestyles have evolved over the centuries and technological revolutions. Tertiarization of employment and increase in office work; democratization of motor vehicles and public transport; the proliferation of screen-based activities (films, series, video games, etc.); development of fast food and fatty and sweet food... All these new habits have profoundly changed our physical condition, which has been altered by modern diseases such as stress, back pain, and obesity. 


A solution to fight against sedentarization and maintain people’s health: sport!


And although everyone is aware of this, it is not always easy, with our fast lifestyles, to find the ideal time or place to do it. This is how fitness rooms and domestic sports equipment have been developed. With success and ever-increasing competition, this equipment has become more and more sophisticated and efficient over time.


The treadmill, the first sports equipment

The treadmill is now the most complete and best-selling sports equipment in the world. It allows you to relax thanks to the secretion of endorphins linked to sports activity, to lose calories, to stay in shape, to train to prepare for a competition, to limit cardiovascular risks, and many other advantages.


Whether the treadmill is at home or in a fitness room, time is no longer an excuse to skip a quick session. Treadmills offer a motivating environment with a multitude of options: sensors and measurements, music, tablet holder, enhanced reality, multiple programs, variable inclination, etc.


In order to stand out from the competition, treadmill manufacturers are innovating and focusing more and more on the experience itself and on immersion, in order to give users the feeling of running on an open-air field.


Electric actuators for a complete and authentic feeling

This is where electric actuators come into play. Indeed, these senses will largely be allowed by the inclination of the treadmill, which will reproduce the slopes and ribs of a real field. The inclination of the treadmill is one of the first desired characteristics. It allows you to work more efficiently and to get as close as possible to a session on the field, by playing on the slopes and inclination parameters.


Since a treadmill doesn’t take wind resistance into account, a basic inclination of 1 or 2% allows the same energy consumption to be maintained at the same speed indoors.

The electric motion system is ideal for this type of adjustment because it makes handling easier and it allows the parameters to be changed without interrupting the training. This way, the adjustment is done precisely and can be adapted to the desired feeling.


The TiMOTION solution

Our TA23, TA37, and TA23 electric actuators are particularly suitable for this type of application since they can push heavy loads. Their robustness is essential to support the weight of the users and the shocks caused by the running. With little maintenance, they are reliable and durable over time. Their optional IP protection allows them to withstand dripping water or cleaning of the device, dirt, and other dust. In addition, their position sensors such as Hall sensors make them programmable and easily integrated into an existing system, ideal for treadmills that already have a complex electric system.


TiMOTION Electric Actuators Improve Physical Sports


Their silent system makes them particularly suitable for indoor or domestic environments.


While treadmills are currently the first to be affected by tilt options, other equipment is beginning to follow the trend. Compact and easy to install, our electric actuators can be adapted to any type of sports equipment.


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