electric actuators on treatment tables


Ergonomic treatment tables for better medical intervention


An evolution of the medical needs and new practices


Thanks to economic development and health progress, the life conditions have well evolved these last decades. Life expectancy increases, also does the number of elder people. But besides, society see new diseases appearing because of modern lifestyle: stress, back pain, obesity. In general, the number of patients is multiplying, new practises like osteopathy and massage are democratizing, and medical institutions have to adapt to this new demand.


electric actuators for treatment tables


The importance of mobility and ergonomics


Ergonomics became one of the most essential characteristics of treatment tables since it allows to answer a large panel of functions. Those different settings are activated by electric actuators and/or columns. Whether it’s a simple mechanical movement or several synchronised movements, the electric actuators and lifting columns give to equipment great versatility.


Thus, health professionals can adapt their position to the patient and give him the most comfort possible. Ergonomics also makes it possible to adjust the tables for patients with reduced mobility, such as elderly or overweight, who may have difficulty getting settled. It facilitates the task for the medical staff and reduces the risk of accidents during the installation of the patient, which is done in a more comfortable and secured way.


The different storage options available with our control boxes and hand controls add an extra level of assistance and allow equipment to adjust quickly and easily to specific needs. Easy-to-control and effective movements allow nursing staff to provide a better level of service.



Ergonomics, but not only…


Some types of treatment require an extreme level of precision that can be reached with electric actuators. Their strength is fundamental to support patients of any size and morphology safely. In addition, silent mechanisms will limit the anxiety factors and will reassure the patient to intervene in optimal conditions. Whether it is a simple movement or more complex configurations with multiple actuators, it’s important that the mechanisms snap smoothly to maintain comfort and safety for the patient. This fluidity is allowed by the control box that coordinates all movements without any fuss (soft start and stop).


Thus, our electric actuators allow to lift and adjust smoothly the treatment tables.

A treatment table must be practical in every use and functional. Different configurations of height and inclination (headrest, back, legs) are always an advantage to preserve the comfort of the patient and provide the best treatment possible. For example, an automated massage table will allow the practitioner to adjust his work tool while having his hands taken, for more hygiene, convenience comfort. This is also the case for the osteopathy table. By adjusting different areas of the body individually in a fluid and automated manner, the practitioner can intervene more easily.


Even if the quality of the treatment provided is mainly in the competence of the doctor or practitioner, a bad working tool can hinder the good progress of the intervention.


TiMOTION’s solution


At TiMOTION, our goal is to offer intelligent, turnkey and complete solutions and easily integrable to medical equipment. We offer a wide range of electric actuators and lifting columns adapted to medical field. Whether for massage tables, medical examination, therapeutic or osteopathy tables, our solutions have already proven their robustness and reliability. They are also tested many times according to medical standards to ensure the safety of equipment.


The TA37 electric actuator is particularly suitable to adjust the height of treatment tables due to its silent movement (<54db) and its high speed. It can be equipped with a hall sensor for position feedback. Thus the actuator will keep memorized positions, which can be recalled easily.


The TA36 offers an increased level of accuracy due to its axial play being close to zero which makes it ideal for exam and operation tables.

On the other hand, our TA29 and TA31 electric actuators are specially designed to adjust backrest and legrest thanks to their compact design that makes them easy to install in any type of medical equipment.


To get a complete solution, our electric actuators and columns can be controlled by the TC21 control box and our brand new TMH16 hand control, specially designed for easy and intuitive use.

Our electric actuators can be equipped with an IP66W protection and are perfectly designed to be washed regarding the strict hygienic standards of the medical field

TiMOTION offers also a range of electric lifting columns as the TL24, which can be adapted to any type of medical table and allows a simple adjustment of the height.


We also manufacture foot switches as the TFS5, allowing the automation of all the movements of the table. Its 4 buttons, programmable regarding specific needs, make it possible to adjust the height of the patient, the position of the back and/or the legs by simple pressure of the foot. With 15 buttons, the TFS7 foot switch has even more features and storage options.


electric actuators for medical table


Today, more and more people are moving to electric mobility in the medical field. More reliable, fast and precise, it provides a higher level of safety and hygiene, and allows medical institutions to provide an optimal quality of care. Electric actuators are also more economic and environmentally friendly, since they require little or no maintenance (unlike pneumatic and hydraulic solutions).


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