Linear Actuator Bed Lift for Adjustable Beds in Hospitals

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The shortage of healthcare workers and the increasing demand for patient self-care are driving the need for linear actuator bed lifts. A linear actuator bed lift is a device that lowers, lifts, pushes, pulls, or positions the hospital bed so patients can easily lift themselves.

With the push of a button, patients and staff alike can customize their healthcare experience so that everyone is better served. Adjustable hospital beds equipped with linear actuator bed lifts ensure that the patients are always comfortable and well-rested, thus improving their recovery process.

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Patient’s Benefits of the Linear Actuator Bed Lift 

Linear actuator bed lifts are used in a wide range of medical applications, including the support of adjustable hospital beds. There are 3 recognizable benefits of linear actuator bed lift to patients:


  • Improved circulation and reduced swelling 

Sleeping on an adjustable bed can improve blood circulation and prevent blood from pooling in one area, leading to other health complications.

Patients can adjust their feet and heads to obtain the perfect position to relieve pressure from their entire body, which can help to improve blood circulation and reduce swollen legs, feet, and ankles. This is especially beneficial for those with circulation problems or conditions such as edema or varicose veins.


  • Give patients more independence and control

When patients are confined to hospital beds for an extended period, they must be made to feel as comfortable as possible. Everyone has a unique way of sleeping and preferred positions they find comfortable.
With a linear actuator bed lift, patients can modify the head and feet areas to find the optimum bed position, enabling them to be relaxed and calm. As a result, they are more likely to recover faster and have better health outcomes.


  • Bring mobility and more comfort to patients

One of the main benefits of an adjustable hospital bed is the increased independence of the patients. Patients with limited mobility can get in and out of bed independently and without frequent assistance.
With the push of a button, they can raise or lower the bed, giving them more independence to reach objects, watch videos, rest upright, or prepare to get out of bed. In this way, patients have more control over their daily routine and the ability to act in the event of discomfort or emergency. 


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How to Choose Linear Actuator Bed Lift for Hospitals

When selecting the ideal linear actuator bed lift for your hospital beds, you should consider factors like force, IP rating, smooth and safe operation, etc., to get it right. TiMOTION’s linear actuators offer IP66 protection and can withstand strong water jets, which is very important for medical and patient mobility equipment.


Linear Actuator Bed Lift for Adjustable Beds in Hospitals - Solution - TiMOTION


The TA23 series is a compact, high-speed linear actuator with a push force of up to 10,000N. It is primarily used for medical applications requiring high force and speed.

It has Hall sensors for position feedback and the ability to save installation space by mounting the control box to the actuator. In particular, it has a manual release option that allows the linear actuator to back-drive freely and for a patient to be manually lowered from the patient hoist system.


The TA31 series is an economical yet high-quality solution with compact installation dimensions, designed for medical applications such as beds, medical chairs, or homecare options.

It can support up to 8000N, especially suitable for adjusting the legs’ position, and will allow the adoption of a more comfortable posture by raising them slightly. Most importantly, in consideration of safety, it has push-only and safety nut functionalities, which maintain patients’ security by completely blocking the device.


The TA31QR actuator is an improved version of TA31. It has a quick-release function, designed mainly for medical bed applications when the backrest of a medical bed needs to be quickly laid flat in case of an emergency.


Moreover, with its multiple output signal options, including a spindle set Hall sensor or Potentiometer, the actuator can continue to send position feedback even if the quick release is used. Thus, the user can maintain an accurate position without performing a system reset.



TiMOTION’s Customized Linear Actuator Bed Lift for Medical Equipment

Choosing a high-quality, strong linear actuator bed lift is essential because an actuator has to support the movement of the hospital bed and the person lying in it.


As an industry-leading electric linear actuator manufacturer, TiMOTION has provided manufacturers with comprehensive selections of low-noise, stable, waterproof, and high-capacity linear actuator solutions to improve the comfort level of hospitalized patients. 


Focusing on quality and client-specific requests, our team is committed to developing reliable, cost-effective, and customized linear actuator bed lifts for your applications. We offer custom linear actuators to meet specific design requirements for applications from lift chairs and patient hoist actuators to hospital adjustable bed actuators.


Utilizing our local production lines, we can create customized products fully adapted to our manufacturer’s requirements. We can always accommodate customization settings such as stroke length, voltage, speed, and force capacity to support our customers’ unique needs.


Looking for a highly efficient linear actuator bed lift for your medical equipment? Contact us today to learn more about our impressive linear actuators.

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