3 New Medical Controls for On Hand Adjustments: TMH13, TMH15, TMH17

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TiMOTION designs and manufactures electric actuators and lifting columns. But that’s not all!

We also manufacture a wide range of accessories necessary for the optimal operation of your medical devices, such as handsets. These accessories, combined with other TiMOTION products, result in an easy-to-control complete turnkey system.

Increasingly automated equipment


 TiMOTION has been in the medical market for 15 years, so we know how much medical device automation is essential for modern ergonomics in creating comfortable equipment.
Medical equipment hasn’t stopped evolving. Automatic systems and adjustment options have instead multiplied.

Now, just about all medical equipment is easy to control through automation: Medical recliners, medical beds (standard or double, for disoriented people, obese people, or children), stretchers, osteopathic tables, patient lifts, medical carts, and operating tables.

For more ergonomics

The ergonomics goal is to improve people’s well-being as well as the system’s global performance.
Because of fiscal restraint, the economy is facing overworked medical centers and reduced medical teams.  Even patient management is required to be completed within a limited period of time to remain under budget.


Under these conditions, ergonomics will help to maintain a higher level of comfort and safety for everyone, regardless of any fiscal restraints.
Ergonomics makes it possible, on the one hand, to create optimal working conditions and reduce musculoskeletal disorders. On the other hand, it is about maximizing the efficiency of the organization in terms of productivity. Designing adapted ergonomic systems will optimize the system itself as well as operator performance while maintaining high security and comfort levels.


To meet medical equipment needs in this ergonomics race, TiMOTION developed three NEW medical handsets – TMH13, TMH15, and TMH17.



We have a remote control for every solution! 

The TMH13 medical handset, designed for patient lifts, allows caregivers to safely move any patient. Thanks to its ergonomic design, it can control up to four electric actuators, and its seven buttons can easily control the patient-lift. This handset has attachment options (standard or magnetic) to avoid any clutter or premature wear (cable in particular). Also, it has an IP66W protection rating (washable based on TiMOTION standards).



The TMH15 medical handset, with large programmable buttons, was developed to be more legible for elderly patients who may have a hard time seeing smaller standardized buttons. This handset is also relevant for classic medical beds or disoriented people. The TMH15 has additional options for more comfort: backlight and safety key (can lock bedding position for more safety) and has an IP66 protection rating. 


The TMH17 medical handset, designed for medical chairs or beds, will compliment any medical equipment for easy control. This handset can control up to five electric actuators, can be equipped with up to ten buttons to control chairs or beds, and has an IP66W protection rating (washable based on TiMOTION standards).


TiMOTION’s three NEW handsets increase the end user’s comfort level and help to improve caregivers’ working conditions. They work with our TC21, TC12, or TC14 control boxes, which can be programmed by our engineers to meet any medical device needs. Their membrane also can be customized.
Want to hear about more handset options? 
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