Actuation Systems For Patient Lift Applications

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A Complete Solution for Patient Lifts

TiMOTION provides a complete system solution for patient lift applications to improve the comfort of patients. This system also offers caregivers a safe and efficient working environment. TiMOTION's patient lift system is the ideal solution to meet specific patient needs. Our system of powerful, quiet actuators, along with a wide range of hand controls and control boxes, assure patients a safe and comfortable transfer.

Discover our solution for lifting in highly complex situations and acute and critical care areas for both hospitals and care facilities.


Actuator Systems for Patient Lifts

TiMOTION provides an extensive range of actuators for different needs and requests. All have up to IP66, the highest level of protection against water and dust. 


1. Actuators with the manual release function for lifting:






  • 8,000 N

  • 7.7 mm/s

  •  IP66W

  • 10,000 N

  • 13.9 mm/s

  • IP66W



  • 12,000 N

  • 11.0 mm/s

  • IP66

  • 12,000 N

  • 11.5 mm/s

  • IP66W


2. For the leg adjustment and angle of a sling:








  • 3,500 N

  • 23.5 mm/s

  • IP66

  • 6,000 N

  • 30.2 mm/s

  • IP66W



Control Box System

Our TC20, TC12, and TC12AC control boxes are specially designed for patient lift applications. Each control box has an alarm that sounds when the battery has low capacity remaining and an emergency stop button to ensure patient safety. 


1. TC20

The TC20 is a control box that can easily be installed for caregivers. Since the charger is built into the control box, the AC cable is plugged directly into the TC20. This control box has an option to add a cable management bracket.




  • Emergency stop button

  • Cable management bracket

  • Electrical lowering button

  • Easy to charge

  • IP66


2. TC12 & TC12AC

Our TC12 and TC12AC control boxes are specially designed for high-end patient lift systems, including a detachable battery that can be charged directly in the control box, or by our TBC2 battery charging dock, which can be mounted to the wall. The TC12AC is an evolution of our TC12 control box. It's equipped with an AC plug, to allow users to connect supply mains directly.




  • Slim design

  • Multiple display options

  • Emergency stop button

  • Detachable battery pack

  • IP66

  • Slim design

  • Multiple display options

  • Emergency stop button

  • Detachable battery pack

  • AC plug

  • IP54


Hand Controls

Our range of hand controls for the patient hoist has been developed to provide multiple positions and flexible grip. A few examples include:





  • Up to 7 buttons

  • Support 1~3 motors

  • IP66W

  • Up to 6 buttons

  • Support 1~4 motors

  • IP66

  • Up to 10 buttons

  • Support 1~4 motors

  • IP66


Safety and Ergonomics have been TiMOTION's most important objective. Our goal is to help improve nurses and other healthcare workers's working conditions and offer a better life for patients.

All TiMOTION systems are tested and certified to international medical standards.

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