Electric Linear Motion Systems For Hospital Applications

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Electric linear actuators for hospital applications provide smooth, quiet, and safe movement. Compact and easy to integrate, they provide comfort and ergonomic benefits to patients and caregivers. Find your electric linear actuator system for your hospital application!


Hospitals have changed dramatically in recent decades. Easier access to care, higher demand, health crises...  more patients are knocking on the doors of hospitals, which requires more precise and sophisticated care motion solutions to support the nursing staff and enable optimal medical care.


We must provide reliable electric linear actuation solutions to medical equipment manufacturers to bring safety, comfort, and ergonomics to all hospital workers. Our goal? To improve the quality of life of healthcare personnel AND patients through equipment adapted to their specific needs.


Why equip hospital applications with electric linear actuators?

Hospital applications with electric care motion solutions allow caregivers easier access to the patient while maintaining safe handling. By facilitating care, the staff can adopt a reassuring attitude and provide optimal quality care. In addition, they can adapt hospital equipment to their preferred stroke, thus limiting musculoskeletal disorders that could affect their health and quality of work.


Electric linear actuator systems can also provide more autonomy and freedom for patients by facilitating getting in and out of bed, for example. Autonomous and secure management allows the staff to optimize their time and devote themselves to their patients.


Electric linear actuators for hospital applications allow for the design of functional and comfortable medical environments that ease the daily life of all users.


Electric linear actuator systems for hospital equipment

Electric linear actuators provide smooth, jerk-free movement for gentle adjustment of hospital equipment. Easy to use, they are specifically designed to be ergonomic and intuitive for both staff and patients.

Our electric linear actuator solutions are specifically designed for hospital applications. They can be equipped with multiple accessories and additional safety options to provide optimal care while maintaining patient comfort and safety.


Their silent operation is ideal for the hospital environment and will preserve the peace of mind of all users.


Compact and easy to integrate, they are maintenance-free and compatible with all kinds of hospital applications: hospital beds, medical carts, medical side tables, operating or examination tables, patient lifts, wheelchairs, etc.


Hospital equipment that uses linear electric actuators


Complete electric care motion solution for hospital bed

Patients spend a large part of their hospital stay in their beds; they eat, rest and receive care from nurses. Therefore, hospital beds require great versatility to adjust to all these needs easily.


  • For bed height adjustment, the TA23 electric linear actuator is ideal. Robust and silent, it provides smooth movement and a secure adjustment.
  • The TA31 electric linear actuator is particularly suitable for leg adjustment and will provide a comfortable posture by raising them slightly.
  • The TA31QR electric linear actuator has a "Quick Release" feature that allows for quick disengagement of the mechanism. It is ideal for adjusting the backrest and provides a quick release of the bed in an emergency.
  • Various accessories compatible with our electric actuator systems will bring even more safety and comfort to your hospital bed: underbed light TBL3, call button TNC, emergency button TEB, pressure sensor TPS, etc.
  • The TC21 medical control box allows intelligent control of all devices and synchronization of mechanisms.
  • The TH12 hospital bed remote control completes the solution with an ergonomic and easy-to-use interface.


Complete electric care motion solution for hospital bed


We also offer specific solutions for bariatric hospital beds. Click here to find out more.


Electric linear actuator system for hospital tables and carts

The hospital cart is involved in all medical services provided in the hospital. Therefore, it must be functional to allow quick movement and optimal use. On the other hand, the height-adjustable side table provides greater comfort for the patient. The patient uses it daily and must be able to adjust it according to their posture and medical situation.


  • The TL27 telescopic column allows a smooth and silent adjustment of tables and hospital carts. It can be equipped with an AC outlet that allows for the connection of any electrical equipment (monitor, computer, telephone...) and is compatible with the TMH21 two-button remote control.
  • For more versatility, we also offer a stand-alone solution consisting of the TL24 electric column, TBB7 battery, TC14 control box, and TFH13 remote control, offering users more freedom.


Electric linear actuator system for hospital tables and carts


Electric actuator system for examination and surgical table

Examination and surgical tables are the primary tools of physicians and require great precision to ensure patient safety. Operations often last several hours and are particularly demanding for the nursing staff. It is imperative that surgeons and nurses can adopt an ergonomic and comfortable posture to preserve their health but also limit muscular fatigue or tetanus that could hinder the quality of care.


To learn more about our electric care motion solutions for medical tables, see our full article.


Complete electric movement system for patient lifts

The patient lift allows the nursing staff to transfer people with reduced mobility from one place to another in complete safety, providing them with the appropriate care. The electrical adjustment of the patient lifts eliminates the need for manual handling while protecting the medical staff from the risk of injury related to the movement of a load.


  • The TA23 medical electric linear actuator is particularly suitable for height adjustment. With a load capacity of 10,000 N, it can safely handle patients of all shapes and sizes. In addition, its optional manual disengagement will allow the patient to be lowered manually in the event of a power failure. The TA37 electric actuator can also be used for even higher loads. 
  • The TA29 electric linear actuator is ideal for adjusting the base. It allows the user to adjust the distance between the legs of the equipment according to the patient's load and to ensure optimal stability for safe handling.
  • The system is compatible with the TMH3 remote control and the TC12AC control box, which can support up to 3 actuators. It has an AC outlet and a detachable battery that provides autonomy for easy movement.


Complete electric movement system for patient lifts


Electric wheelchair actuators solution

The wheelchair is an essential after-care device to bring more autonomy to patients with reduced mobility. The more features and adjustable elements it has, the more freedom and comfort it offers users in carrying out their daily tasks.


To learn more about our power wheelchair actuator systems, see our full article.


TiMOTION manufactures complete and customizable electric actuator systems for hospital applications. They are specifically designed to operate in a hospital environment and can incorporate an optional IP rating, which is ideal for withstanding intensive equipment maintenance.


Quality and safety are inseparable prerogatives of our activity that we wish to guarantee to our customers. Our devices are rigorously tested (EMC) and comply with the European medical standards: EN IEC 60601-1 and EN IEC 60601-1-2, which define the safety and essential performance requirements applicable to electro-medical devices.


To learn more about our electric linear motion systems for hospital equipment, contact our local sales department!

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