Accessories for Medical Electric Linear Actuation Systems

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TiMOTION has been manufacturing electric actuation systems to automate industrial, medical, and comfort equipment for over 15 years. We support our customers by providing complete solutions and a high level of customization to meet their specific project needs.


Thanks to our vertical integration, we develop new products at the request of our customers to meet their unique needs and adapt each of our products to their specific requirements: load capacity, cable length, speed, programming, retracted length, stroke, control interface, IP protection, and attachments.


This customization service also includes customizing complete systems, combining multiple accessories compatible with our electric linear actuators, which we manufacture.

This article will present all these complementary devices to allow you to choose the most suitable for your medical project. 


Thanks to our White Paper, discover all our accessories for medical electric actuation systems that will bring added value and functionality to your equipment. (English – PDF 3,4 MO)


Accessories for electric medical equipment

Accessories are essential to enhance your product offerings. They allow the design of more functional equipment for nursing staff and bring more comfort and safety to patients.


Emergency stop and call buttons

Emergency stop and call buttons are medical devices designed to complement your electric linear motion systems. So you don't have to worry about these essential elements when designing your medical equipment as they can already be integrated into your solution. Emergency stop buttons allow for the immediate shutdown of devices in an emergency. The call button is an emergency alert button for caregivers. It is compatible with hand controls that have a “patient call” function and can be equipped with an external battery for added versatility.



  • Emergency stop button


  • Emergency stop button
  • IP66


  • Calls caregivers
  • Emergency call receiver
  • Built-in battery and USB port available


Locking box and pressure sensor

When a hospital bed needs to remain configured in a specific position for medical reasons, it can be equipped with a locking box. This box will allow the electric actuators to be locked in a particular position to prevent the patient, or any other person outside the medical profession, from adjusting the bed. This device can be integrated into any kind of medical application.

The pressure sensor is another medical safety device that detects and alerts the nursing staff when patients leave their beds. An acoustic signal is then triggered via the compatible hand controls.



  • Locking box
  • Designed to lock 4 motors or accessories
  • For nurses and attendants safety


  • Pressure sensor
  • Detects if the patient leaves the bed
  • IP66


Lighting devices

Lighting devices provide more comfort and safety for your users. By switching on automatically, under-bed lighting allows patients to move around at night safely. It will reduce the risk of falls and bring peace of mind to people with mobility difficulties.



  • Under-bed lighting
  • Low energy consumption


  • Under-bed lighting
  • With PIR motion sensor


Junction boxes, Y-cables and cable reel

Junction boxes and Y-cables allow you to connect multiple electric actuators and/or hand controls to your systems. They are ideal when your applications require more complex solutions with multiple actuators and independent control needs. The cable reel eases the control box's power cable management and eliminates the presence of cables on the ground that could lead to a fall.



  • Junction box
  • Designed for 2 hand controls
  • Can support up to 3 massage motors


  • Junction box
  • Designed to process load cell signals


  • Junction box
  • Connection for 4 motors or accessories


  • Junction box
  • Converts Hall signal to POT
  • IP54


  • Y cable
  • Compact design
  • Designed for 2 hand controls/motors


  • Y cable
  • Designed for 2 hand controls
  • IP66W


  • Y cable
  • Designed for several types of plugs


  • Angle of AC plug: 90° or 180°
  • Color: Black or grey


Anti-collision systems

Anti-collision systems are used in the design of height-adjustable equipment. They allow the electric device to be stopped in the event of contact with a foreign element (object, person). Thus, they protect the equipment and its electric devices from any material damage. They can be found in particular on medical worktops, laboratory benches, washbasins, and height-adjustable toilets. They are compatible with all other types of medical equipment.



  • Safety strip
  • Customizable length/number of sections


  • Safety strip
  • Customizable length/number of sections
  • Medical certification


  • Anti-collision sensor
  • Hardware-based solution
  • Plug and play


Wireless receiver

Compatible with our wireless hand controls, the TRF2 receiver allows remote control of your equipment and, therefore, is more accessible. Wireless solutions offer a sleeker design with no visible cables and reduce the risk of falls by eliminating the cable line that can drag on the floor.



  • Wireless receiver
  • Maximum distance: 5~7m
  • Wireless receiver: 2.4G, Bluetooth receiver


TiMOTION offers a wide range of medical accessories compatible with your equipment. They improve the overall performance of your solutions, making them easier to use, bringing more safety to your users, and adding real value to your equipment.


In other words, choosing the right accessories allows for designing customized solutions adapted to your medical applications' specific needs.


Would you like more information about our products, or would you like project support? Please contact your local sales department!


Download our complete white paper about electric actuation systems accessories!

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