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The TGM3 is one of TiMOTION's  compact gear motor.

The TGM3 series is TiMOTION's compact size gear motor. It was designed primarily for ergonomic applications like height adjustable workstations and tables, but can be used in many other applications. This economical product allows for fast, smooth and quiet adjustment of built-in spindles through the use of external limit switches. Shafting allows for the mechanical synchronization of dual spindles.

General Features

  • Voltage of motor: 24V DC

  • Maximum speed: 121RPM (±5%) after gear reduction

  • Maximum rated torque: 4.6Nm

  • Operational temperature range at full performance: +5°C~+45°C

  • Option: Hall sensors

  • Hexagon hole for the shaft by 6mm diameter

  • Low noise

Standard Dimension (mm)


Without TES2


With TES2

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