TL18AC: Quiet, Powerful Electric Lifting Column

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 TiMOTION has launched the TL18AC, a new enhanced version of the TL18 column.


Designed for industrial and medical applications, the new two-stage lifting column, with its maximum load up to 4500 N in push only, allows you to adjust your devices such as:

  • medical carts
  • workshops
  • TV
  • lifting tables


This new column is equipped with an output AC plug and an Ethernet socket. With these new features, you can easily connect computers, TV, or other devices directly to the column.

You can also position one electric actuator directly on the top plate of the TL18AC. It might be helpful if you want to tilt over the TV.


With this innovative product, you can create position adjustments in any kind of application, improving overall ergonomics.

TiMOTION lifting columns can help users avoid back pain and monotonous postures, as well as improve productivity and keep jobs attractive in any workplace. Several factors increase the risk of musculoskeletal disorders and negatively affect productivity. With our TL18AC, get the right equipment and adjust the height for a comfortable work environment.


TL18AC can also be efficient in school environments. Blackboards can be adjusted and converted into tables, allowing students and teachers to gather around and easily work together in an interactive way and save space. All their tables can also be adjusted to avoid back issues.


The same principle can be applied in cultural spaces such as museums: to easily convert an interactive digital screen into an interactive digital plate, according to the users’ needs.


A Partnership with VIP Box with our TL18AC

TiMOTION Europe has developed a partnership with VIP Box, a company that rents photobooths for events such as weddings, birthdays, or exhibitions. We used their equipment with our TL18AC for our 2018 exhibitions throughout Europe.


With our TL18AC column, VIP Box customers can easily adjust the position of the photobooth to take advantage of this new technology.


For more information about our new and innovative TL18AC, visit our website and download the datasheet.


If you want to know more about the lifting column TL18AC, please contact your local office.


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