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The growing attention towards the food we consume involves a focus on the proper treatment of livestock. Nutrition is usually the main element people associate with livestock health, however, keeping livestock comfortable in the barn is another key aspect in preserving farming as a sustainable business. 

Ventilation supplies fresh air that is essential to sustain life. It reduces humidity, temperature extremes, and air contamination to tolerable limits for confined animals. Improved ventilation systems also provide safer, more efficient working environments for farmers, which reduces production and labor costs. 

Industrial actuator systems can improve efficiency in multiple areas of livestock ventilation:

  • Adjust airflow, temperature, and CO₂ to an optimal level

The positioning of valves, vent dampers and cover lifts allows for climate regulation and ventilation of unhealthy dust.

  • Monitor and collect data to improve ventilation

Constant system feedback combined with data from climate sensors makes it possible to monitor and automate stable ventilation to a high level of accuracy. 

  • Provide a flexible solution with minimal maintenance

Electric actuators can be easily integrated with most systems and requirements. They are able to withstand outdoor elements with very little maintenance.


Electric linear actuators offer a sustainable solution that satisfies consumer demand for healthier food while lowering production costs. 

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