Ergonomics in the Classroom

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For those who don't know, ergonomics is the study of efficiency within an environment. In most cases, when we think about this study, we are usually looking at the working environment.


But what about schools?

Schools encompass such an influential time in a person's life. It is a time with a lot of learning, growing, and enhancing one's abilities. As a student, we gain the necessary foundations that guide our overall life.


So where does ergonomics fit into this equation?

Maximizing the functionality of a school environment can enhance a student's ability to learn. We all learn and grow differently, so having the proper space to do that can truly make a difference.


At TiMOTION, our products can transform the school environment in an impactful way. Sit-stand desks are one of the best ways to allow students to customize their workspace. Students of different heights will be able to adjust their desks in a way that is comfortable to them, improve their posture, and maximize their desk space.


The TEK01 is the perfect sit-stand desk for a school environment. This kit only requires light assembly, making for a simple yet effective installation process.


Again, children end up spending most of their time at school. While at school, most of their time they spend sitting in the same position. This can cause students to get restless and become unable to focus, making it more difficult to succeed in an academic environment. Sit-stand desks will allow for students to stretch and move around, while also being productive and getting their work done.


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