Height Adjustable Desk Kits

Height Adjustable Desk  | TEK20

A set of TEK20 kit comes with two one-motor height adjustable frames. Unlike most of the one-motor frames in the market  where a big motor can be easily seen hanging underneath, the TEK20 features a clean frame design and quick assembling. It is a more economical option for offices needing a face-to-face desk layout while looking-tidy underneath the desk. Without heavy feet on the floor, it makes cleaning much more easier.

Caratteristiche Generali

  • Carico massino: 90kg* (per frame)

  • Velocità costante: 2-Stage Column: 33mm/s

  • Tipo del struttura: Single Motor Bench Solution

  • Peso dell'imballo: 68kg*

  • Potenza in standby: <0.1W

  • Accessori: USB Chargers (TFA1/TFA3), Anti-Collision Sensor (TCS1), Wireless Chargers (TWC)

  • Multiple control options

  • Semi-Preassembled – Motor and control box are mounted within the frame

  • *It varies upon the selection of components.

  • *The complete TEK20 package includes 2 sets of TEK05 package and one set of side beam

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